Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Track star

I'm here in the game room in school... Done with class and thought I would update, although there must be a sign that i shouldn'y cuz it took me forever to log on, some redirecting thingy.. dunno. I guess i should start with last week, sucked, lol. Damn my whole life sucks!!! stacy asked how my vida was, lets just say it's going in the crap hole. I haven't done much and that may be the problem, lol. my fault. Hmm last weekend I um um oh yeah went shopping and bought stuff from like every store and spent alota money i don't have, but who cares it made me feel great at the time. Oh and I went bowling, That was fun, but i could have sworn i was better before... who cares i still kicked jose's ass! Micheal and I stayed at the heritage inn on account of our "anniversary" ah lol. It was really cool it was the ceasars court thing and there was an awesome hot tub, that i wish i had in my casa ( ours is all jacked and is now in the corner of our back yard, just pretend it isn't there) YUP that was fun! there were all these huge marble pilars, uh i think they were plastic, those cheapos. The chili cheese fries were yummy, i know you wanna go again.
Had school all week, except for I haven't been going to my one night class, english comp.. kinda regret i actually have a night class. it's not hard, it's just hard to go to it after being at work then micheal's house then to have to leave again.. sux! But I will so go tonight no if ands or but.. s : )
I had like an effing breakdown moment, like hello, I'm so stressed. mostly school, not getting things done and then the test.. the hiddious tests, but i passes that is all that matters. Oh and things with my mommy are getting better, I love her sooooo much and i think I forget that somethimes, and maybe i put alot of things of, not just school but family. I don't know what the hell riz's problem is.. but she is being a bitch. long story short, she's mean, she is my big sis and is all jealous , sad huh. but her and mom are mad at each other i guess so she takes it out on me. I talked to regina last week, i feels real bad for her at times but then again you gotta learn from your mistakes. Life lesson for all. Jose is back he went to texas and came back a "man" he he , now he is an adult, the big 18. but he still didn't get the mexican cheese and mommy is pissed.. I know you know that thought i would just rub it in, cuz you know how i'm good at that. lol. I promise will go buy lotto tickets, the scratchy ones those are fun! went to see jackass 2 after work. funny funny stuff. Sad how we are entrtained by other peoples stupidity and pain. Took a long nap with micheal after eating chicken wings and pickles, sounds all sick, eww, I didn't eat them together but it was really good. Me and erick went to a chucky cheese cast party lame!!! then he hung with gabe and lori after he got off... without me, jerk face. But i got to see jose, and my second mommy. Ha I have like 7 mommies. they all love me, what can i say. Well i'm gonna go and eat with my love.. laters

ps. I'm working on this neat paper i'll have to post my draft of it some day it's way intresting and insightfull. ha what i write insightfull, hell ya!

pss. My mom got a tredmill, funny, it's all high tech. I likes.

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