Saturday, September 30, 2006

Faint purple line

SONG OF THE DAY: Mario Vasquez -- Gallery It's like two in the morning and I’m using the lab top so I’ll most likely post this tomorrow. I didn’t go to school today. I guess I was too tired or at least that is the excuse I feel like giving. I took a test this morning…. most of you know how it went. I was on my way to go to have lunch with my sis then I hear on 99.9 that they are buffalo wild wings giving away cd’s and Flogging Molly tickets. I stopped by and scored tickets this Tuesday and the Blue October cd. I’m actually listening to the cd right now. I guess my morning started ok. So Arizbe and I go to cazadores to eat lunch, we talked about a lot of things. In a way I get why she tries to stay so distant from my parents, I think she may understand the reason I do the same. I felt like we were all close, I guess we are but lately it’s been so different a lot of things in our lives have seemed to drift us apart. I missed being able to tell her everything like how I used to. Went to work, today was payday. Yay I get paid and then watch it all go within 3 days of receiving it. Happens every month and now its’ worse cuz of that hospital bill. It’s life. Anyways it was really busy today, since it has been dead all week they all come on a Friday. Oh I went to youth group. That was interesting, Maybe it would be best if I keep all my thoughts to myself. OOOO hate me is on, I love that song. It makes a lot of sense if your life sucks, and mine does, or has been lately, lol. As I was saying…. I tend to question a lot of things and when you don’t have a good enough answer to back up your beliefs I don’t see the point of preaching it to others. I have fun though. Rob is one to actually go into it with me but his wife Cassandra gets all touchy and says “ If you know it’s bad it’s your guilty conscious telling you that you sinned so ask god for forgiveness because you didn’t follow the bible ” yet she disobeyed it too, somehow there is a lil loop hole just for her cuz she “knew it was wrong”. That is ok, I can’t judge anyone for their beliefs… I guess.
We talked about enemies and stuff. I don’t get how people try so hard to ruin another persons’ life, basically just cuz theirs sucks, lol. But really, I know what you’re doing and so does GOD!!! Ha aha. I think what is best for me is to just ignore everything that bothers me.. things that are negative and just let things be, they will all fall in place, I’m a true believer that everything happens for a reason, even unexpected things.
I looked up at the stars when I got home and all I could think about were old memories and how much my life and things have changed so much. It makes me kinda sad. Just a year ago the stars meant everything, everything. I’ve grown and learned to know not to believe in anything with such passion anymore.
As or yesterday I have chosen to stay from someone for a really long time…. Ah I just learned I can’t rely on things I once thought anymore. And with all this is going on right now, maybe this is best. I just don’t know what to do but distant myself at such a stressful time. What you said was hurtful and I really meant what I said, except for all the times I said I was sorry, cuz you know what…. I didn’t really mean it. And I know you didn’t either.
Tomorrow is Oktober fest, I dunno if I wanna go or if it would be fun. Also cu band day is mannana too and I wanna see central march, but it would be a really long day and I don’t know if I’m up to it yet. We’ll see in the morning. I’m gonna get some juice and then try to go to sleep which I’ve been having a hard time lately. Well till the sun rises once again. Oh and Micheal, I love you.
Nighty night.

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Saleena said...

well i sincerly hope that things start to look up for you, just like u said things happen for a reason. I know i prolly shouldnt be writing a comment but hey, iam! but things always get better :D You Take Care xo