Saturday, March 15, 2008


I must say I am in a super mood and the reason is definetly because I have a whole night of sleep. And by that I mean when I got home last night, after a sweet massage of course, till 6:30 this morning. Wonderful!
This whole week was wearing me thin and to catch up on that much needed sleep was bliss!

I have about an hour and a half left at work and after some shoppin, I want to run home and post some pictures of the concert. I'm learning how to photo shop, ha ha, I can do 4 things by my lonesome, lol. I'll catch on soon enough.

Oh and I dyed my hair!! it was a huge step, and I sorta like it, the only thing is that in the sun it's way lighter, with most, lol and the ends are darker.. this may need a fix up soon, I have to go to the store anyways. Eeek. We all know I love my hair and I bought this darn kit since november and I finally had the guts to do it.. I was bored and M was too busy helpin his family move. lol.
I some bad news... I can't move.. So bummed. I had the app and all the things I needed and then I got rejected... before the app was even entered, lol, which is best or else I would have been out 35 bucks. This place, which I will keep un-named, he he, you have to make this certain amount to be in compliance and some crap... anyways after you move you can make whatever, well I make too much. So I get booted. Fine, i didn't want to live there anyways.... which is a total lie because I loved it there!!!!! ah, oh well, I will move on from this mess. So mike is alone at his casa and I'm still stuck at mine... grrr. This will get better, cuz I have time on my side. I would say but I may jinx myself :)

I would like to take this time and blab on about how awesome I am with budgeting... woo hoo, come on and show me some lovin cuz you know I rock :P

they are showing the daily show clips here at work, lol. the episode with the gut from new york.. :) too funny.. and it's getting busy, so see ya!

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