Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Movin on up

Happy Hump day!
Indeed it is wednesday and we are closer to friday! I think this weekend i might go to the Museum. Not a for sure thing, but would be nice to get out of Greeley.
Guess what!!!!! I have to move! At work that is. THey are moving me to another office. Kinda stinks, this will be the second time. don't know if it means anything. I;m not really going to be close to anyone in my department... Sad, I am far away as it is and now i'm going to be even farther. Ah i have Chris so i shouldn't complain. I guess I am next to the Senior Vice President of consumer lending. Ooohhh. Spiffy aye. I just hate having to get all my stuff together. Then half of tomorrow i have to sit in marketing. Then spend the other half movin and such. SO busy day for manana! I Just got done putting together our Annual report for the bank, and then set up the books for the share holders meeting. It was fun actually. I also cut post cards for the frontier 50. I think it will prolly be dead this afternoon....
This morning I had forgotten that I had that consultation with that one dude for the fitness program, so i had to run upstairs around 9, my app was at 8:35, but he still worked me in. I set a goal and hopefully i can reach it.
Last night I was so tired! I was out so qiuck. Sorry mike that you had to walk out all by yourself :) Oh and Mike the tool man Bach built me a desk yesterday. Looks reals nice. We got it from some really old man that lives across the street from the house i want to buy. But someone said they would but it for me.. ha yeah ok.
I'm heading off to lunch soon with mister Micheal. Who knows where we are going. Hpoe it's yummy.
Gonna go tanning after work, Maybe Go to the park and teach metche how to use her Helies, if that is how you even spell them, lol. I think I might Hang with Cass tonight. Have a girls night. Ok well i will have to say good byes, Mike is out side, awe, i'll never get this view again :( K well laters!

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