Monday, April 16, 2007

Fucked up wishes

I Just got done playin ddr with Jose. that kicks my ass!
Weekend was great, busy i might add. Got new speakers for my i-pod. it's really cute. 70 bucks cute! We forgot to go to the concert! SOOOOO depressing. I don't think I have ever sworn so much in my life. We watched Disturbia, that was really good. Freaky! Then we drank some ritas my dad made. yum, then it finally hit us! DAMN. Still regret it.
I met Mike's mom yesterday. She is so sweet, I was beyond nervous. Then she was all like you are so pretty, then came picture time... it was cute. Games and enchiladas later we were going to leave... time for sadness! She told me that she loves me and knows i'm the one.. ah if only she knew... and how i am so part of the family. Then she hugged me and started crying, I ain't gonna lie I was teary too.. SO sad. just wait, it's gonna break her little heart. All i have to say is good luck to the bitch that can think she can take my place, it's gonna be hard, but what can i say, i have that affect on people. They just love me :)
Oh i have to add that i am in denial, ha ha ha according to Regina... You know you are so laughing right now! Luis likes me I guess and she is on this trip that he likes her and that i can't accept that he likes her and not me... So i'm in DENIAL... Nig, as if i cares. I knocked some sense into her now and she knows better, lol. jk He just doesn't have the time for me.. ha and you need time, if ya know what i mean.
Work was pretty busy. I love it though. Had no time to much of anything. I did some coursed and then went to lunch with cass. Poor thing, she got her wisdom teeth out and she is hurting. Awe but the little cheeks are all swollen and she looks like a cute little chipmunk!
So i had this talk with Riz.. I love her! we are so close now and i am so greatfull for that. You need your family near you, it helps keep you sane. Well at least the family that ain't crazy! Anyways she gives great advice. Me and Selso flood her with our probs. :)
So ya know how is was all upset about my eyebrows... well i saw this one bitch and i was like DAMN your eyebrows are fucked up, i didn't think it was possible but i guess with some girls, anything is. Ha i told mike i look like a dirty bitch with these brows, lol. They are so not me, lol. they are just too thin. Look like some puerto rican with a sharpie! na it's not THAT bad. I'll live.
I was downing for a bit earlier. Sad things that just happen before you even realize it. I wish alot of things could have been done differently.. sadness, i tell ya. So i'm bummed, I never regret anything, and i do. that should so tell you something. Just wishin on things to get better. Don't know if they will. Love you! Miss the dirty texts, lol.
K well i'm gonna jump around somemore and then take off.
Nighty nights.

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