Friday, April 27, 2007


It's Friday! yay!
Im so glad, i have a lot to look forward to this weekend...
I've had a great day so far, busy but a good busy. I got alot of things done and pulled up some statements that i forgot to do yesterday.. oops. I went to lunch with Micheal, went to subway and then made an attempt to go to Glenmere but had no luck due to traffic so we went to Sanborn instead, it was nice. After we ate we went and sat on the hill together, well i was sorta sitting on him because of the fear that my butt would get wet. Thanks Mike you are a bum saver! It was a bit romantic. Ha then we tried to make a wish on those one thingys that you blown on, and if you blow them all off you get your wish... well we ain't gettin our wishes. I went to the NFB store and got some gift cards for my trip and I got this really cute hat, i think I might wear it tomorrow :) Tonight we have plans to go to a fundraiser at the Hilton in collins. I hope it's fun, it's going to be 40's themed i think, or whatever year swing dancing is. I must admit i rock at swinging so be prepared!
The past couple days have been hard, I got sickies on wednesday night, i got a bad migrane, i was really dizzy and then I got real sick and threw up like everywhere, that being the parking lot. Mike had to drive me home and he even put me to bed. How sweet :) Sad part was that because my parents didn't see my car, they assumed that I wasn't home so they were all talking smack about me and it was really mean... So my morning was rough. It got better when I was a work for a bit and then had to go see my kids... Thing is next thursday is our last class and It's a bummer, i really like them!!!! It was also take your kids to work day, i tried to convince Allison to go to teach class with me but she said no.. : ( Still had fun! I was stressing a bit yesterday though. Its something that happens to me everytime I begin to stress, lol. It's nautural now.. no it's this whole job thing... I'll give out news later, I don't wanna jinx it :)
I guess there was a bomb threat at Central today, Jose all calls.. Crazy.. I guess there was one at Northridge too. Then University evacuated kids. What has the worls come to? lol. i think everything is going to be ok though. We were a bit worried that there would be one at west ( the school litterally next to the bank) what would we do? Ah but it's ok now...
I have about half an hour till I go home... and then it's off to the fundraiser. I think tomorrow I'm going to make an effort to work out... go to the plex or even go play tennis. It's prom tomorrow night, I think we might go to after prom, not too sure, I do know that we had made plans to get together and get messed up. I'm scared for some reason, lol.
K well I have to run some checks over to the other side and get some mulah!! Have a great weekend and be good!!! :)

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