Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Pomegratnate skies

Good Morning!
It is like 9:07 am and I have absolutley nothing to do... yup. This is a bit on the boring side. I'm eating a buritto.. mmm. Thanks Chris. I must say you have a way of keeping me off my diet, lol Ah well, I do plan to get on track, just don't know when...
Here I am at work.. yeah this is exciting. I don't think I want to do Certificate notices. I always seem to be off one and I really don't want to deal with that today, lol I feel like a bum today, I'm wearing my big ol' white sweater, At least I'm comfy. I tried to balance today. I'm coming up 13 dollars short and I can't figure out from where. Driving me nuts, I looked over and over, and then to be short... like when I round up... Something is up, but I no find it.
I had this really good horoscope today... Hmm maybe i should copy and paste it.. ok here goes.

Cancer (June 21 - July 21)
Career matters should be going very well for you today, dear Cancer. A sudden change with regard to your work could catapult you into a position you've been hoping to reach for a long time. A rise in income could result. You've worked hard and done very well, so what may seem to others to be a lucky break is actually only the outcome of intense and determined effort on your part. Enjoy your success, and make the most of it.

Nice huh, considering my situation. I'm so nervous. I applied for the loan assitant position here at the bank, Despite me having some loan experience, I feel like I'm not going to get it. Everything happens for a reason and we'll see how this goes :) Once again I must state I'm not getting my hopes up. I did learn today that I do have an interview tomorrow at 2:15, I'm meeting with all 4 consumer and comercial lenders, Selso and Gayle are a few of them and I know them pretty well so that kind of takes a bit of the pressure off... But still, I'm so nervous!!
So I Guess i will tell you about my weekend. The fundraiser was great. I had a really great time and I even learned the jitter bug. After that we headed to the Metrolux to see Hot Fuzz. That was so funny.. I kinda wanna go see it again, lol. Saturday, ooo I slept in till like almost 1 pm, it was soo nice. then Riz came over, left the girls so we played guitar heros and ddr till Mike had to come over and show off :) Then we went to the park and had lunch there. I loves the Park. Then we went on a mission to find a picnic basket. No luck. Afterwards we went to Abby's chior concert. It was nice. Then after being at home for a bit Cassie and her Mike came over. We chatted for a bit and then my Micheal left and then it was party time, jk. We just chilled at my house some more and then went to after prom. That was really boring. It used to be fun and had way cooler things back in my day. I did win some shirts and some moneys. Sunday was just sunday. Ate at golden C's and went to help with the computers, I didn't really help much though, a printer here and there. Off to the movies we went to see Next.. I dunno about that one. it was good, but then it was like "no... really" lol. i guess you have to see it to know what I mean.
Yesterday was good. Went to Mickey's with Mike and then I had made plans to hang with Regina on account of her leaving... Really leaving. It's sad. Despite me always being mad at her for doing stupid things or whatever the case is that time, she is my friend and she is like gone. I know I make it seem like she is gone forevers, lol. She only moved to Denver, but who knows if we will see each other that offten anymore. So she is now like a step mom. I know, I know. Crazy seeing her be a "mom", I really thought I would be a mother before she would. Depressing really. Like she couldn't shut up about it and she has been with him for like what, 3 days.. Hello.
Whatever though.. It was way sad because she started ballin, I did get a bit sad.. afterall she is leaving. Later that night it was me and my buddy :) We talked alot last night. I do like having intelectual conversations with him. Reminds me of how smart I really am, aside from him telling me that, lol. Then on to other subjects. To be honest I'm glad that he can tell me what he does, makes me really get a feel for what he feels, so I'm not left in the dark anymore. We did decide to do a book club thing, that I guess only we are members of it, lol. We'll see how that goes.
I have a staff meeting tomorrow, so yall know what that means, lol. Ok like maybe only 3 of you know what that means, and not like the early part. I did make this really cute event schedule for Mike because he has the memory of a dead elephant... which means no memory what so ever!!! Ha ha it was fun to make though. I feel like I have been a bit emotional lately, but not that kind of emotional that makes you cry for no apparent reason. More like the one that you really don't feel much emotions, as weird as that sounds. Like most things that would just piss me off don't really bother me and then like I just feel so blah lately, like blunt, bland, fellings on some days. Interesting how all my adjectives are all b words. Moving on... Like I haven't talked to my mom in almost about a week. That is so sad. But really I have no desire to talk to her, I know what i'm gonna hear and I would much rather keep to myself than to hear her bitch at me for being her "worse child ever" uh, no thanks.
Ha i have been writtng this for like hours now. I've been getting busy and here I am doing the certificates that I didn't want to do..
K well I have to figure out what i'm going to do for lunch, I'll prolly call mike here in a sec and then waste away here at my desk... doing nothing. I think I will prolly print out some suduko. yep. see ya'lls later and wish me much luck.

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Pomegranate. Bueno porque no me has hablado. me odias?