Monday, May 14, 2007

A smile a day keeps the grumpies away!!!

Hey Ya'll!!!
It's monday!!! I'm just trying to make moday seem like fun, although we all know it's not... well unless you have it off, and well I haven't had a monday off since last monday holiday, mlk bday I think. Anyways, I have 14 days till I leave on vacation, Till I get my monday off :)
I had a wonderfull weekend and I hope that most of you did as well. Oh and then to all the mothers or mothers to be, or even the mother wanna be's, Happy mother's day! My weekend was so fun and filled, I spent way too much money and I get paid tomorrow and I have like no moneys left.. Oh well I guess.
Friday was cool, had dinner with some amigos and then hung out at my casa, then I passed out cold when I was trying to watch tv, First time in a long time. Woke up around 3 then crawled into bed, ah I love my bed! Saturday morning was Allison's birthday breakfast, she is so cute! Then we went to some stores, I got a cute top... then went to My brothers house for the kid's party... there was some crazy oriental food there... uuhh, but it was cool. Then off to the game. K so we were late, got there like into the 3rd inning. These were club level seats. Spiffy stuff, they had chefs there, no lines, there are people who will take your order so you don't have to miss a bit of the game, mmm chocolate covered strawberrys, so awesome, not regular seats that's for sure :) We won 6 ta 4. it was a quick game though. I also got tickets for sunday same seats and that game was sooo sad, we lost, and horribly, 2 ta 15. I was like a totally different team from saturday, on both sides. It was really fun though...
So I get my mom some flowers and a card and of course that one thing she wants... money. We were sorta speaking during the b day parties, but only sorta. So I wake up on Sunday to tell my mother Happy mother's day... ya know and she was so rude... I was like gonna give her a hug and she turned around, so when I said " aren't you gonna give ma a hug" she was like, So i have a choice. Ha can you belive her? Whatever though, I'll let her act and do whatever she wants. she's happier that way. Ain't we all? Moving on..
Went to dinner with Cassie's family at the sizzin, I dunno yet if I like that place, it was ok. after we picked up mike and went to my house, since it's such a hot spot, lol. Dang.. we were out, lol. Then they started fightin, like always, but they were so out of it was was funny to watch them try to argue with each other. They did let loose and I know for a fact that half that stuff would have never been said if they weren't all messed, lol. I thought my weekend was gonna suck, on acount of evrything that has happened within the last week, but it was really good, I think I may be able to survive the rest of them. lol.
Some one is calling my cell... dunno so you will just have to wait my friend...
OMG stamps went up! I'm so mad... I just a book like the on wednesday or something, like couldn't they have told me when I was buying them? Guess not.. SO now I have to get those retarded 2 cent ones. Not a biggie I just hate how they just keep going up.
Regina called me and wanted to ask me a question right... Will I co-sign for them to get an apartment. Are you serious??? Like no, I can't. Why does everyone turn to me with their financial problems? I so don't trust you, sorry love. I care, but I'm not willing to ruin my credit for you. I have my own financial doings too and that is more than enough for me.
Ahhh and I'm so nervous about tomorrow. I have my eye exam and I'm scared! I had an eye lash in there yesterday and I couldn't for the life of me take it out.. I don't like touching my eyes, like my eye ball, that's icky. And anyone who knows me knows that I can't even put eye drops in by myself, and I don't think having someone, them being a stranger, put stuff in my eyes is gonna go to well. Eee I get this feeling in my tummy, feels like butterflies but much worse. I have this fear that I'm gonna come out blind I guess. I'm such a dork!! I'm sure I'll live, and if not... It was nice knowing ya!
When I get home today I plan on getting everything together, like all my stuff sorted out and eventually put them into boxes and get them labeled and out. I'm tired of seeing my room as a mess and I think I wanna move my bed around and maybe down. I know I can't do it all today but that is on my to do list... but then I might just go hang out and not come home till late, I guess whichever sounds best when I get off : ) Oh and as one of my good deeds of the day I thinkI might have dinner at arby's, they will be donating 20% of profits to the transitional home. So if you wanna do your part, think arby's, well for today anyways. Now I just have to find out what I'm gonna do with the other half of my samich...
Today has gone by so quick so far, and I'm starving... I'm gonna get a bannana now. Oh and I got this really long email, it's a questionere thing, it's fun and I'll maybe post it some time, lets you know some interesting things about people. well me.. lol.
Laters gators.

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