Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Pops over rocks

Today has been going pretty great! Despite some peeps being all gay and such, hey that's their life... not mine, Thank God!!!
Ok I have to brag... Last night after dinner we went to Michaels, the store continuing on our quest to find the perfect picnic basket, with no luck of course. but we happened to stumble on a painting, well more like the photograph of a painting. Red on khaki... or something like that. That was the piece that mike wanted and the look on his face was priecless, he even did the head grab. Kodak moment for sures.
We tried out the rocks last night on the singstar, definitely not better than the pops. Long shot I think.
I just got done talking to this dude from t-moblie, like my bill came in and I was getting charged 267.16!! Luckily it was their mess up and my bill is smaller. woo hoo! My credit card bill was pretty good too, I didn't get charged yet for the money that Cassie owes me and I'll have that all taken care of by the end of this month.
Awe I got this invitation from my kids today, they are having this rock and roll party at the school and I'm invited to go, it was really sweet. Since I have this new teacher I gonna have a longer class period. This time I have second graders. I'm nervous, but then that is just how I get around new anythings.
I think it's quite funny how people try to defend themselves... real, real funny. You can talk all the smack you want honey. Don't really faze me. And your right, girls don't give up... Hmm as I recall, you were a trooper, hanging on for the whole year that it lasted. Tellin you love him and you want him.. I guess you can say you were like groveling.. sad I know. Personally I think it's a bit obsessive and not to mention pathetic. Just goes to show how desperate some girls really are. Ha I would never go that low, but some girls are just "different" like that. lol.
Moving on... I have this eye exam next tuesday. I was hoping that I would be able to get my new glasses before I went to Cali, but I don't really see that happening. It's been forever since I had one and since I lost my other glasses I have been getting hella bad headaches. I'm gonna get my eyes dialated so that means I can't drive afterwards or be able to read, so i'm gonna go take the rest of the work day off and I think that might also mean that Mike will have to drive me around... which reminds me I have to ask him still lol.
I scored tickets to the Eagles game tonight, should be a great game... I'm excited!! Beer and hotdogs! Loud musc! I hope we win this time. It's some part of the finals I think, Just can't remeber how far along we are.
We did plan to go work out and go swimming this afternoon but since we are gonna go to the game, I guess it has to wait.
Well I gotta do this thing called work now, laters and have a great night! I know I will!

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