Friday, May 11, 2007

Fabulous Fun Friday...

Hey guys,
It's been a long few days. I must admit I'm tired, tired of it all. I haven't been feeling well. I told Chris that I'm slowly dying! lol. besides, I'm freezing, I'm half way there, ha and it's like sunny and scorching outside. I must be gettin sick. Gonna admit, Today and yesterday sucked.
I haven't been able to check out her blog yet, won't seem to load on my computer, prolly cuz there is like a mil bad words, and the bank no like bad words lol. Symanic security it says... Ah oh well not one of my prorities right now. I just have to say that I'm done with all of this. I'm just gonna be the mature one here and just stop. Wanna claim how old you are, go for it, how about you act that way too. Anyways this isn't to dis you so I'm over it already. You can have him, I don't want him, not even as a friend. So now you don't have to worry. It's all gravy now. Too bad it had to go down this way.
Now that that that is all over and done with, yesterday was like one of the hardest days I've had in like a really long time. Cass gave me some money on wed. night and for some dumb reason I put it in my glove box, which I like never do, anyways thursday morning I walk outside and there is some of my stuff from my car on the floor. Well my car got broken into. Sad, That money was all that was stolen I think... So I need to get that window fixed. Oh there is another promise that was not kept, but whatever.
I had my class yesterday, it was really fun, I taught them about unit and assembly production, we made donuts. It was so sweet. I love kids. That class was really long though. Was worth it i guess, so I was gone from work for a few hours, aside from having all my work to do, so I had no time for anything. I ended up having lunch in my office after I ran around with Riz lookin for strawberry shortcake invatations. It's for Allison's b-day and we are going to Shorty's grill for breakfast tomorrow and then over to the kid side, ya know pizza blast for the kids afterwards. Then around 3 it's the twin's party. It's at my brothers house. Then there was the Rockies game at 6, dunno what I'm gonna do about that yet. Might just give the tickets to Riz or something.
It was also mexican mothers day yesterday... I haven't spoken to my mother in forever. It's really bothering me. I have never been this distant with her before, and now that all this stuff is going down I usually tell her everything and she will give me advice, not nessisarily good advice but she tries to help out. I do miss her and it's no one's fault but my own. Oh well I guess. I am going to give out gifts on sunday's mother's day... Just don't know what to get everyone. Cassie got me a mother's day gift, she is so silly!
Talked to Regina last night. I feels kinda bad for her, life is so different now that she is over there being all mom like, Hard thing for her is that she has no way of trasportation. Hello honey why you gotta wait like a loser and get your licence when you're like 20? Who does that? Anyways she needs a car to test on and she is sol I guess. Sorries... It will all be better soon, isn't that how it always works, no, well it should.
I'm going to a volunteer luncheon at Maddison today at noon. Then there is a department meeting at 5 ish.. we are gonna have nachos, mmm. I was planning to go to windsor to go look at the animals that are in the adoption truck at the cause for paws event that we are having for the humaine society. but those plans fell through, it all worked out though.
I have a to do list: Bvs; My list; Look over the weekly news letter; Preview, print, staple and fold article from fortune magazine to give to the stockholders, lol and then I have my usual certificates of deposit notification of quarterly interest and I think I best get to it. I'm gonna go upstairs and wish Barb a happy
birthday and steal some of her pineapple angle cake. : )
Buh byes!!!

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