Friday, May 18, 2007

Idiocy is Bliss

Hey there.. my few readers. This seems sorta pointless.. there are like 6 readers maybe, if that. Whatever though, I have noticed this has become my lil journal that is just eaiser for me to update.
I'm eating popcorn, ha ha ha and you are not... unless you are, then disregard that. It's awesome too, it's the theater style kind. Rocks my socks off. Ok so as you see I'm delusional. I'm bored, I am oh so bored... Chris has gone home for the day, he was sickies and now I'm alone. I just got back from doing an hour at the front desk, and that was so different than what I usually do... to be honest it sucked, mainly because it isn't my desk and the computer and keys and well everything is so out of norm to me. But it's home sweet home now and I feel alot better.
I wanna take a break from the world for a bit.. I'm so fed up with everything!!! Like people don't realize how their stupidity affects me, ha some don't even bother to ask. Prolly cuz they so don't care.. Maybe I have been gettin all irritated lately. I've been real selective on who I talk and hang with. Any chance I'll get pissed, I pass. Crazy thing is that these people are like so effin slow that they don't realize that they are so... GRRRR. ya know. Well you know what...Who cares, your gay and You piss me off so there, done and over with you are shun. End of that now. Ahhh I just had to vent a bit, since Chris ain't here to hear me gripe I guess I have to let someone know, lol. Poor guy, who knows how he puts up with me..
I'm gettin me eye brows done today around 1.. Melanie is gonna do them. Chris was givin me crap like "you trust someone who you have no idea how it is going to turn out like in the end, then if they are all messed you're gonna cry the rest of the day" lol. I do trust her, if not I'll just cry my face off like last time.. Which he is lucky he is gonna miss.
I did alot of cleaning last night, Found alot of things I didn't remember that I had. Ah the memories of alot of crap, SO I put it in the box. I don't even wanna look throught it all, it makes me all mad, it was all a big bunch of nothing... makes me sick. I plan to try to finish alot of it off today, but it is friday so who knows, I wanna go watch a movie. After work I'm gonna go to home depot to buy some moving boxes. I'm getting the dining room table so that is cool I suppose. Gotta get a move on all that stuff now.
Tomorrow I work... yeah I know. then after that I'm gonna go see shrek the third.. I'm excited!!! Should be fun... Then after that my weekend is free, I'm sure I'll find something to do.
I'm gonna try to work now, then I'll try to leave for lunch... Nothin sounds good yet. We'll see. I'll just find myself sittin here surfin the net and being a dork. Should be GREAT!!! Buh byes!!
Oh and This is like a help wanted sign, lol.

WORKOT BUDDY: Needed, a person who lives in Greeley, perferably, to go and work out with me.. Anywhere is fine.. although I have a pass to the plex. I'm cool and I think it would be really fun, lol. Position includes: Having to work out, (you can't just sit around a watch me) Know how to make healthy choices, Must be able to be stern with me and my choices, ( meaning you have to keep me from doing horrible) and must be leanient ( means let me do what I want), lol. yeah well this is a hard position, and only one person has had it before, so... send me your info or call..

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