Monday, May 07, 2007


Hey guys!
I'm sooooo tired!! I wanna go back to mimis!!!! We had a jammed packed weekend which took all the energy we thought we had. Friday night Mike picked me up from work and we got some icecream at culvers, look at repoed houses, they are really nice, supposibly Mike is gonna buy me one someday, Lets just say I won't hold my breath, lol. We headed over to the bank for the art show, which was really nice, but maybe it wasn't what I really expected. I widh there would have been more abstract pieces. Afterwards we sang our hearts out. We got that new sing star thing, it is actually quite fun. Saturday morning was rough, I so didn't want to wake up. We had to get up pretty early to go to the moo tour. We went to 3 dairy farms. It was really cool, to see how milk is colleced proccesed and then see all the cows eating and such. I got really sad at the first dairy, there was this cow and she looked all sad cuz she had a boogey on her little big nose and she was like lookin striaght at me.. Then I though about how I eat meat and it made me really really sad, so then me like a loser was getting all teary. Mike was like, stop, no, not here, lol. I'm such a dork. OOO I even got to see a baby calf and then they suck your finger thinkin there is milk, they are soo cute, all wobling cuz it just stared walking. Mike promised me one of those too, lol. On our way home I was so tired so I took a nap, it was sweet, We were all cuddling, I was the one who really fell asleep though. After we arrived home it was time to take off to the Cinco de Mayo celebration at Island Grove. It was ok I guess, I don't how no parent takes care of their kids now a days. Anyways Mike stayed and helped out for a bit and was annointed as the unofficail employee, considering he is always with me at work events and such. Congratulations, hopefully there are more gift cards to come, lol. There was the concert at 7:30 which was really good, and I felt it was a bit too long, which I must have been really tired to think an orchestra took forever, It was nice and then we looked around a bit and talked to Joe, Left and went to my house where we fell alseep together. I litterally knocked out.
Sunday I slept in till 9. Pathetic, lol. Did some laundry. Went to lunch with mike before I had to go to work again. His dad had already got tickets to see spiderman, but i had to work at that time so I didn't go :( Instead I got to see a bunch of mexicans listen to loud music and see a bunch of munchkins running around and got paid 15 bucks an hour to do so. After work we chilled and went to boarders. We saw spiderman last night, it was 10 already but Mike insisted he go take me, lol. eventhough he saw it already. It was good, I think there could have been a bit more closure, It was still action packed though, I jumped quite a few times :)
I'm really excited about this summer! I'm gonna be going on my trip soon, and then there are a few concerts that are going to be happening, there is Kenny Chestney and sugarland, Brad Paisley and Taylor Swift, and Daft Punk so I'm looking forward to seeing those. The event schedual is a bit busy, And I told mike that if certain things happen during certiain times than I guess some of those fun events just won't happen... Sorry. But you know the way things are and They just ain't gonna roll that way.
As for the position for loan assistan, I didn't get it. There were 9 other applicants and one person who got it was in loan operations and has been her for over a year. I'm not too sad about it, I'm very happy where I am now. We got a bonus on staff meeting day, it was great. We even got award for the best work place in weld county. Pretty spiffy.
Ok so my mom is playing this stupid little game with me... The one I didn't play on her... Gee she makes me soo mad. For Christmas my mom got me a computer, Or so that is what she claims. So since we haven't been talking she told Riz to tell me that I now owe her $500.00 for the computer. Can you believe that?? Hello I'm sittin here Paying YOUR collections and YOUR loan and I pay for YOUR insurance co-pay for your meds and you wanna turn it around and find some other way to milk me for money? I'm so upset right now, Like it has really come down to this and I though about making her pay her own collections, but because I know she can't afford it and I just didn't want to have to fight with her about it, I just kept my mouth shut and forked up the money. Like my own mother is screwing me over! Then my dad was trying to talk to me and ask me why I think of moving out as an option... Maybe Cuz I hate living with you guys! Sad I know, But whatever!
I did plan ahead pretty well, I don't just wanna jump into this. I know how moving out on my own is big responsibliity. Mike and I did talk about moving out a few times but due to some "cercumstances" that would be to weird and then eventually we wouldn't get along if other things happened, ya know. So yeah that is way out there now. As for Cass and I, Yeah That is too risky and I don't need all that drama in my life, lol.
Good news is that I will be getting a raise here this week! yay! I hope it's a good one!
Who knows what I have planned for today. For lunch, prolly go with Micheal somewhere, seems to be the usual. I might go home after work, I wanna talk to my mom about this whole mess, I don't think that will be quite easy. I wanna take a nap later so me and mike might go mimi's for a bit. That would be reals nice.
I have alot of work to do, I have to do my time sheet and then there are 654 certificate notices that have to be done... dreding it. See yalls later!

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