Thursday, May 17, 2007

save me from them sorrows

It's late, well for the work day it is and seeing how I have to stay late, really blows. I had no time to much of anything really, I was swamped this moring and I didn't really even have much to do. I had to cram in the days lessons before class started. Everyone here at work seems to be on edge... Um, you all suck, jk. Just Chris and I are cool. We are like this... ( if only you could see my fingers making that twisty lookin thing) It's just us in this one far away land we call our office..
Oh I got a raise... forgot to mention it before. I wasn't too excited, ah it was ok. She said that she plans on giving me a raise before my yearly.. then I'll eventually get my yearly, so that is something to look forward to. Our plant is dying.... So we had our gardener lady move it by the window.. I hope it lives.
Today we did desktop Bingo, it was fun except for my cards sucked. Some chick in real estate won. Tomorrow is blackout and I'm more so lookin forward to that.
I went to class today, it was fun I tought them about the goverment and taxes and then they got to vote, they even got paid for the donuts they made last class and then I saw the kids from my last class and they are so cute, they are learning how to make patterns and they made some just for me!! and one girl, her name is Andrea, she drew me a little mouse and a giant piece of cheese.. Awe, I was sad to leave them again. I guess David had my evaluation, which is why I really went in there to get and he's off because school ended at UNC and he said he would keep it because he planned on seeing me again, now when was that going to be?? who knows, but he is supposed to call me :) so I'm excited!!!
Had some tacos from the Milpa, they were good.. I guess that is my dad's friend's brother in law's something that owns that place.. I dunno but one of them knew me, it was weird.. Like um ok freak, starein any harder aint gonna make me remember you.
I have 2 stop payments to do before I leave, I have already have had 3 before too, anyways I gotta go I'm supposed to be off in 8 min, lol.

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