Thursday, May 24, 2007

Black Umbrellas

It is bright and early this fine thurdsay morning! I had a ton of sleep last night. I was so tired yesterday and I had a super long night on wednesday, that it all accrued and I was out.
Last night was cool, I guess :) Sweet and simple. Aspirations were revealed and it all seems far fetched but somewhat realistic. It if were true it would be realls nice, but again it's all fictional.
Arizbe is leaving today.. I'm so sad. She leaves work early today and then is off to Chicago. I wish we could have lunch today but we both have a lunch and learn about accounts and misc stuff. technically we are having lunch, but we can't really talk alot. It's only 4 days till I see her again, but still, she has been keepin me sane these past few months. She is gonna kick my butt, and I know why too, lol. I guess she is just trying to watch out for and make sure I don't get hurt. Love ya sis!

Cassie offered me to go camping with her and her grandparets. Sounds like alot of fun but they would leave today unless I go with we would leave on friday since I work and then we would come back early on sunday so I would be back on time for my vacation. which is 4 days away. That remminds me that I have to go withdrawl money from the credit union... I do want to go but I have alot of stuff going on and things to do that it seems like not enough time to do it all. Washing is one of my priorites right now. I have like no more clean work clothes, so I have resorted to all the clothes I never really wear. Today is my little pink and tan frilly skirt with my pink top. Yeah, not feeling the skirt today. Makes me thank full that tomorrow is jean day. And then there is graduation.. Have to be there.

I have put my to do list in action and I WILL do it. I have slacked since Monday, so I'm a bit behind. I'm going to fill out and odp app before I leave. I think today... Yeah and then I'm gonna eat, I'm hungries, prolly finish my bsa's and then Lunch at noon, ah I hate taking an early lunch.. makes the day drag, Off home to clean, not really looking forward to that yet. Avoid text, calls and so forth. :) Alrighty, I'm off... only to sit here and do almost near nothing. Laters!

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