Tuesday, May 22, 2007

wrap me up in misery

I don't think I can begin to describe how my moring has gone. I feel horrible. I couldn't seem to get up this morning, I had misplaced Abby's gift. Which today is her birthday. Happy Birthday! I called her this moring, according to her 12 is an old age. Makes me feel young. I had to stop at the gas station to get my daily fix of sweet tea. Seems to be my latest obsession. Barely made it on time to work. I felt it comming it on, My eyes hurt and my head was pounding, thus the Migrane was born. I hope I get less of them once I get my new glasses. Lucky I had my meds in my purse and I can safely say that I feel alot better. Riz came down stairs and brought me a rice crispie treat and a capri sun. How sweet. Although I'm not a huge fan of those treats, still the thought that counts.

I was in the worst mood when I got home last night. I was so tired, and a bit on the sad side. My mom obviously noticed it and went on a rant to try to cheer me up. I just ended up falling asleep on her bed. I think that may have made it worse because after about an hour hour of napping I woke up really, really grumpy. Cass and Mike came over, they were suppesed to help me with the laundry room, but somehthing about the idea of Mike helping made me want to forget about it. Everything he did pissed me off. I think he was just being his normal self and it annoyed me, to the point where I was basically asking them to leave. We all left to hang out, went to pheasent run and then we were fine for a bit, Less annoyed for sure and then they all tried their hardest to cheer me up. It was ok, till they started fighting. I was so frustrerated at this point that I gave it all to mike. He was mad, I didn't really care.

I was at home and I wanted to ball my face off. Evertything has been going so wrong. Erick and I were texting eachother last night. I dunno where that is going to go.. Gina called, she had sent this really cute pic of her and Rich with Matthew. We talked for a bit and she explained with great detail what her plans are for this weekend. I ended up tellin her all about this last weekend. I couldn't hear enough OMG's. Frankie called me, seems that he knows when I'm down, maybe cuz he is too. He knows how to cheer me up, which is nice to have. Kira and him split up again. He says he isn't as hurt like previous times but you can still hear it in his voice that he really misses her. At least she knows it, maybe cuz he tells her. I guess we are sorta going through the same thing. Goes to show how things change so fast. Don't even really have the chance to say goodbye.

I want to go home early, but i know that will not be happening. I am schedualed to go to lunch at noon and have lunch with my lovely friends.. yup you guessed it mike and Cass. I don't feel like doing lunch really. It's chineese at their new fav place. Orental Express. Hmm do I really want fat drenched noodles. Sounds appetizing but I may pass. All the things I planned to do yesterday are now moved to todays agenda, which will not happen. I'm going to see Abby after work to give her a gift. I have it in a completley oversized sparkly green bag. Hope she loves it.

I have to try to figure out my time sheet. With all this vacation and holidays and overtime, might take me forever at the pace I'm going now. I made a to do list, my own personal way of getting organized.. And I'm gonna ditch it. I don't want to do anything, except pass out. So we all know how I always want to be working some sort.. well I want to get another job.. Just a part time. Thing is I don't want to do anything here.. I want to be able to use the skill I have now, thing is everywhere professional closes at 5 or 6. Not worth it. I have alot of rime on my hands and I want to use it productivly. Not today of course. I feel like crud. I should just embrace the time I have to do nothing, I might miss it later.

Buh byes..

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