Monday, May 21, 2007

Seeping through

I'm freezin!! It's so cold. Super windy and looks as if it is about to rain. Lucky me am wearing capris and a t shirt. I wanna go lay in my bed for now. It sure is monday. I slept through an hour of my alarm this moring. I had a big weekend with no sleep zzzz. I did somethings I prolly shouldn't have but oh well!! Saturday after work my dad asked that I go home so that I can finish moving all my stuff and then I could take the kitchen table too. So I did and I helped them move their furnature around, then I was set I guess. We were all hungry so I went to wally world to get a prescription for my mom, which by the way we are getting along really well, and then we went to get some meat and such from the carneceria.. yup we be beaners. Had a small BBQ out back, mom says it was for Ab's I think it was cuz we were all hungry, lol. Then I tried to take a nap with no sucess. Juan brought This dude named Omar, he went to school with me I guess at central and aims, and he did look familiar but I didn't really care to become friends with him, He knew me though. I guess he graduated with Kevin.. yeah I drew a blank too.

Anyways, Shrek was cute.. I have no idea where to place it as far as with all the rest. I think in the end the cute babies made it all worth it. I went home and Luis called and wanted to come over and watch a movie. He thinks my living room looks all bare, lol. Hello I have an entertainment center and a love seat, that is about it. not too home-ly feeling yet. stomp the yard is what he brought.. weird movie.. all ghetto, gansta and such, lol. Sotra reminded about drum line with the the whole battle thing in the end and of course the underdog who had a hard time wins. Classic, however drum line was a better movie. like what was the moral, beats me.. maybe I didn't pay that much attention. Sunday was nice. I helped my mom with some things in the garage and cassie came over. We decided that we were going to build my tabel, rearrange my living room and desk, I have the fish tank now and then we scrubbed my fridge and the first thing I put in there was a cherry coke, yay!! GO ME!! jk. Sad really. My closet was the heavest and weakest piece of crap I own. I hate that thing. Still didn't get a chance to do all my boxes or move my bed where I really want it. Tonight I have to go home and finish cleaning the laundry room my clothes is everywhere and then I plan to wash all my clothes before I really decide what to do with it all. Cass is gonna come over and help me out with that, and I really appreciate it. I need to get her something for all her help.
Went to lunch with Riz, when we first went outside it was really nice.. too perfect. I would have given anything right then and there to go to glenmere and sit under a tree. I do wanna go there for lunch sometime again like old times, but na.. lol. Instead we went to qudoba.. yums. I'm so full, and tired and I need to go mimi's early tonight.

Oh, I talked to Gina... She drives me crazy but in a good way.. she says her and Richard got an apartment for me in Denver, like too late hun. Sorries. Besides I would never move down there. Moving on she is tryin to get pregnant.. Like are you kidding me?? I think she should wait but they insist on it. Good luck I guess, may the fertile gods help you, lol. And she sold her Jetta.. smooth move.. Now you have no transportaion of any sort. But they are happy and that is all tha matters. Love you guys!

k well I just got an email, and then I get to go home!!! 20 minutes baby!!!
oh and let you not forget I have 7 days till I go on vacation!

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