Saturday, May 19, 2007

Good Morning!

It's barely 10:00 am and it is busy!!! I'm at work, in the lobby again. I don't mind except for I'm a bit sleepy. I got like maybe 2 hours of sleep last night. Josh invited me to go out with him to the bar/ restaurant that had Karaoke on fridays. I wanted to go, I really did.. But then I opped to not go, Instead I came back to the bank and watched a movie with Riz, Selso and all their kids. It was fun, we watched how to eat fried worms, so cute to hear the kids sigh "groooossseee!" I got to be in charge of money, ya know doing what I do best. So I bet you can imagine how I was about them ones. We did it as a part of the American Cancer society and we raised a bit over $115.00 not too bad considering who was there. I have cute white bracelets that state the mission for this year, one goal... cure. I'm bummed that I can't do it this year! They are cute so if you want one, hit me up. After that I did want to go to milliken to sing my heart out, but then I thought it was too late so I just went home with Cassie and she stayed over. I finally got to watch the ending of Ultimate coyote ugly search and I was disappointed. New York won, I did like them at first but then I wanted Ft. Lauder dale to win. All in all it was a good show. Then we watched mean girls, by that time I was ready to pass out. Tried to go to bed but then we talked about alot of things, came to the conclusion that life sucks, lol, jk it's jsut the people in it.. he he. Ya know I'm sorta kidding. She needs to grow some, fast lol.
I talked to Luis last night, he made me mad last tuesday so I told him I was all pissed.. what all can he say but sorry I guess and then he is so busy, like always.. but we did make plans for tomorrow. I guess it depends on how I feel and If I do really wanna hang with him. Riz thinks he is just SO cute.. I'm like, yeah he's ok. lol. She likes them mexicans, jk. He's whiter than me.. I personally don't think he even looks mexican but whatever.
Today is Abby's party, but my little mini me had no sense of behavior so I think that she might be in trouble.. therfore I have no idea what is going on. She dunno, Riz dunno... um ok, I think we are winging it at this point. I wish they would hurry and decide. I could make plans for laters, All I know is that I'm going to see Shrek today, I just need a time :) I wanna go swimming, tried to convince Luis to go with me tomorrow, but what is it with me finding guys who don't know how to swim.. You would think, but nope. Katlyn is having a pool party at the plex at 3, the big 07 :) b day is not until July 6th but since she never see's her school mates during the summer it's conveniently today ... Still dunno. Isn't my family lovely??
Ha ha, I just helped a customer with his account and I asked if there was anything else I can do for him, he's like "you can tell me that you love me" ha ha, lol. K buddy. Yup just smile and nod. You are cute, southern, so it seems.. but no thanks!
Did some bills... I am so POOR!!!! I had a few unexpected costly things come this month, so that affects me alot. Barely scraping by it seems, well If I want to have enough for Cali. Which I'm excited but then I'm a bit nervous also. 9 days till I leave!!
I keep lookin at the clock and it aint't going by any faster.. I'm gonna say tootles.
Y'all have a an awesome weekend!!!

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