Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Is that what you think...

YO and hello...
This moring has been frantic. I have lotsa good stuff and then there is the stupid shit, lol.
First I should tell you about the eagles game, it was so awesome. I'm really glad I went. At first I didn't wanna go, then I took a nap befor we went, I must have woken up grumpy. Ah I wasn't feelin too well, then I got a headache later. Anyways we won and tje game was so intense. We even got free subway, lol.
I'm getting super busy with work, I have a few trainings,and then there are llike other staff meetings... All that means is over time!!! I love workin here, I have a carrer, how fun! Cool thing is when i go to my trip I not only get paid for it while i;m gone but just by working here I got up to 300.00 extra for my trip. Since I have those Visa cards and then the extra 100.00 we got. SO I really only have to pay 200.00 plus my spending money which I'm gonna try to be frual on.
Ok so I get online yesterday and I readthis "peace" message. Ha I have never heard so much bullshit in my life!!!! Alright so you wanna know how it is, I'll give it to you, since your bitchin about it. Look I don't "hate" you beacause yeah Idon't know you. ButI really don't like you! I think you're full of it though. You talk so much shit and you say you wanna just get by like everyone. Ha ha well news for you bitch, I'mnot trying to make him love me, That seems to be something that you just can't get.... I could careless if he dates some one else... as long as it's not you. I don't think that you get that you are worthless... You don't deserve him, because you are a liar to be honest I think you are a fucking pshyco. Anyone who threatens to jump off thier house just cuz someone wanted me over them is crazy!! Or cries everytime she is reminded of how not love she is. This is the time you know to just get over it!! Goes to show that if you stick around long enough, cry a river, beg and plead, it just might get you somewhere int he end...fuckin stupid!!!!! Funny how wyou were all sitting there in Ohio thinking your man loved you and the whole tiime he is there with me til 5 in the a.m. Cheating on you, ooo or did you not know that, like everything else he hid from you? you are nothing, well compared to me that is. Evan he knows that. And if he wants to go for some hoe who is GHETTO and has no real job, is illiterate and is well just you..Then go ahead, be my guest. Say buh bye to anything that is somewhat amart. Must feel pretty special huh? There is no competition, remember I was the one who took him from YOU, not the other way around. I would think that he would just want a peice of ass, hey your giving it to the rest, damn he wants a taste too! Reality is that yeah your "master plan" wasn't to not keep us from being friend, it was breaking us up and getting him to like you, right? Yeah, trying to be all buddy buddy with my friends behind my back and tellin lies and shit so that they can hate him and do what a good friend would do and tell me. Just like JOse did and then after we did break up you never spoke to him again. And at first i was cool with you and Mike and i never said a thing, I let you guys be friends and whatever and then you starting talking your shit like you aldwayts do and then i was like, all hell no, and then it just seems like all you do is run your fuckin mouth. I'm tired of playing nice, I'm nice until I'm a bitch. I was told not to stoop down to YOUR leval, as in don't dbe stupid and immature but i think it's time for someone to kick you off your pedastol., you ain't no ones bitch, Talk al the shit you want about m friends, they may be young, but at least i have some, i don't have to rely onjust my family or people in other states to chill with, lol...but they don't fuck me over...i sorta feel bad for you ..awee :( lol, I hope you're not eating up all his words right now, cuz he's just telling you what you want to hear. I ain't foolin aroundits just you baby..mean while who is hea kissing and hugging, and ooo yeah fuckin...yup yours truly!!! oh wait i forgot i'm not supposed to say whenever we do those things cuz he don't want you to find out. my bad, I admire how you can wake up everyday and think that you are so special considering all the stuff you do. Gotta hand it to you, I coul dnever be fucking some gut on the side, while tellin the love of my life that i love him with all my heartk, yeah umm okay slut. You can call me a waste of time all you want cuz you know that he wont pick upt hat phone when he is with me. You just get him by thought, in the civil manner that you wnated to be, but you would much rather be a bitch and say whatever makes you feel better about yourself. Thats cool, so here is me holding nothing bak. dont like it, who cares, that's how it is, deal with it!! I thought you knew
well enough talking about dumb bitches...
Yay my Hippie plant lady is here and i get to pick out a plant for my desk now BRB...hmmmm, dunno yet, don't want it to be too big, maybe I'll get a lamp instead, make it feel homier, if that makes sense. lol
I got my new Nfb shirts today, they are really cute, one is black and one is purple. I went over my clas s materials and i have a lot to do tomorrow, plus i have to get all thier loot together too, i think i'll get athat this afternoon.
Oh and good luck to Jose on your test, i know you will do great. I f not you know my mom is gonna kick your ass! She prolly still likes
Today is Allisons B-day!! she is 7. I still have to get he gift togher. Risz is going to the school, they have chocolate covered strawberries, i wish i could go but since i'm taking extra time off next week i think i should stay put this week. Chris wanted to take vacation the same time i did, but he can't lol, i do feel bad but this had been planned since Feb. ya know. He's going to Ohio to visit some family . So i asked him if all girls down ther are bitches, lol he's like pretty much!!!
I'm gonnna get ready to take off to lunch ehere soon and do some trnasfers. LATERS!!!


testglobaltraffic said...

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Saleena said...

hhahah he told u i threatened to jump off my house! lol Hah thats is a joke! I didnt tell him i was gunna jump off my house for him! Hes not worth that much! Hahahah Oo That just made me shed a lil tear!

Frankie said...

Hey! I called you yesterday and left a vmail but know how much you hate that I guess you haven't gotten it. What is this? Baby g this is not like you lols. Over a a guy not want you, you are great. You need to find a guy who will swoon over you. Your beautiful Fo Sho!

Ps J says hi