Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Starvin Marvin!

OMG I'm so hungry!!! I had sketti last night and Nothing ever since... so yeah. I ordered a venti iced carmel machiatto and some chips and salsa. I'm awaiting it's arrival, here patiently and complaining to you... obviously. I'm skipping my lunch hour today so I can go to the school for that little party they are having for us, it's at 4 and Then I'll be off for the rest of the day, perfect timing too cuz I think that is the time when the other teachers get out or somethin like that, so I'm gonna be hanging out with David, he's so cool.
My eye exam went well. Lets see, I got in at 3:30 to do paperwork and such, left there at 5:48. Yup it took forevers. My pretty brown eyes are safe but they are pretty much blind. Well not really, I just have a huge astigmatism and that means I need special lenses, which cost alot, of course and me being the picky one that I am had to get super cute and expensive glasses I might add. Total cost was 739.00 not including taxes.. Sucks. Luckily with my insurance, I pay a bit less than 300.00 but I think it's still alot for a pair of glasses and clicky shades.
---- Feel the words from my lips to your heart's fingertips, then you know where I come from, cuz I know, yes I know everything there is to know Cuz I lost everythingI had, see I, I could have danced on the sun but my world came undone.... PATRICIA..... --- I'm listening to Flogging Molly, it's originally Laura but I think my name sounds good in here as well :)
I got home around 10:15 and I went upstairs to look out the window cuz I'm weird and there was some dude walking by and yeah... anyways I saw my mother and she said she wanted to talk to me.. ok. She asked that I meet with her early in the moring to discuss a few things. So I did just that. That was the lamest talk ever. It was just about my father and me and moving out and blah blah blah, so she wants me to rethhink everything over. I guess I will have to think about that. I know there are somethings I wanna do and some things I really don't want to do. I'm stuck... very stuck. Riz thinks my mom is just trying to give me the guilt trip, ans it's true, she has mastered it and it works every single time. I need some kind of repelent for that. So here I go contemplating everything, like always. I need someone to knock some sense in me!!! Tell me what is in my best interest! Cuz I really don't know. other than that, I think we are pretty much getting along.
I have been having this odd pain in my tummy, like the neverending butterflies. I don't think I'm nervous or anything, I feel like Maybe I have been so stressed and My mind is sometimes some where else. I'm just sad, but it's like a sutle sad, I don't feel sad untill I think about it, maybe cuz I try to hide it all with excuses and then I get all Pissed... K I'm rambling...
But my food is here and I'm gonna eat, so see yalls later!

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