Friday, May 25, 2007

Lastly lived lies

I'm so excited!!!!!
This weekend looks as though it is going to be amazing! I have a lot lined up and I just can't imagine it going wrong, but now I have prolly jinxed myself. Awe : (
Today is the last time I'm going to update untill June 5th. I'm gonna be so busy in Cali that I don't think I'll update or even check, but I'll will write of it all as soon as I return. ya know you can always call me, I may not answer till way late but I'll def try to give you a ring back!
Arizbe called and they got to Chicago safely and they have alot planned for the next few days too, and I do miss her... 3 more days!

Today I had china man food for lunch. yummos and you can prolly guess with who.. yup Pablo, this cute spanish man I met, I've known him for a while and he is cute!! lol. WE have so been gettin along and if you were there at night you would know. lol Yeah we are to have dinner and a movie and then the whole weekend is ours, well most of it. Manana is graduation and then the parties and I think I'm going to get my nails done too.. then I really really have to wash, then prolly have some fun. Sunday we are going to see pirates. Should be awesome and then Monday you all know I'm leaving... So sad.

Today was customer appreciation day and they had drinkable yogurts from the moo tour and it was fun giving them to people cuz it was so pretty outside.. Wish I could be out there all day long. I had a few drinks already, on was blueberry and this one is strawberry banana, this one is the best. Chris is gone today and I'm so lonely!!! and it is sooooo slow too. Like no one is here today and no one wants to call and yeah... I get off a bit early to go get my glasses!! I hope I end up liking them, I change my mind all kinds and I hope I don't with these.

I have to finish up a few things and then go get my cards... and then look for my odp.. and then... sit here and be cute, and then leave, lol. I have nothing to do so I'm just gonna text everyone.. See ya and be goods! I know I'm not gonna be!!!!

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frankie said...

Better bring me back something! Jk. Miss ya babe