Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Miss me!

I'm Back!!
OMG and it feels sooooooo good. I loved being on vacation and all but there is so much that happened that I need a vac- a from my vac-a. Ah well There is so much that went on that I have to split it up into who knows how many parts. I'll post those later when I have more time. I will start off by saying that I'm glad to be back, I missed everyone like crazy and Now it's back to the same old, same old. I missed my desk and not to mention Chris. He is especially happy that I have returned. I do hava a million things I have to catch up on. A gazillion e-mails and do I even dare to attempt to balance my check book?? I dred, so I'm puttiog it off till later. I swear, there a a few new faces, gone a week and there are 6 new employees. OOO and sofball is tonight, not sure if I want to go yet, I'll see I guess. Had a wonderful night last night.. I missed my bed, as well as the company that came with it. Thanks Love!

It's hard to think back and remember what happened last saturday.. hmm. Graduation! that was fun. It was so emotional too. Then it was off to party, went swimming, off to more parties and then me and mike took Gina and her new family home, to Denver. I was a fun trip, then we ate. I was going to go to a party afterwards but then remembered that I had to wash still and clean up before I left and if I would have partied I would have never came home, lol So I came to my casa and Micheal stopped by the store and we had a fiesta of our own. lol. Crazy times.

Sunday... Considering how Mike left at 6 in the am... I slept in and just washed all day. Went to lunch and then to the store and then to get my nails done. I could have balled my face off, I was so mad. The lady who usually does them wasn't there and I did think twice, but seeing how I was leaving the next day I just wanted them done. He did a craptastic job. you could tell he was in a hurry and I was so pissed!!! GRRR, any ways I left them as they were and got all new nail polish to make them all cute myself. I had a regular white tip french at first and Right now they are a black french, which will change soon, I'm about to file the crap out of them. Umm... Oh i saw pirates, it was good, except for I think I liked the second one better. all in all, good show.

ok well I'm gonna head off to do stuff, and then If I have time I'll post later starting with the details for cali!!!

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