Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Show me your...


+ Who did you last get angry with?
- Hmmm who was it???? Oh yea it was Micheal!!!!!

+ Would you hit a member of theopposite sex?
- Hit or hit on… Hit Prolly Micheal hit on.. prolly David

+ Who was the last person who gotreally angry at you?
- hmmm.. everyone and their mothers, and mine as well.

+ Do you keep grudges, or can you letthem go easily?
- I keep grudges.


+ What is one thing you're supposed todo daily that you haven't done in along time?
- Eat right and workout.

+ What's the latest you’ve ever woken up?
Late in the afternoon, like 3 or so.

+ Who have you been meaning to contact,but haven't?
- Christy, I always forget.. shame on me!

+ What is the last lame excuse u made?
- I dunno… I don’t think I have made any to anyone other than myself, lol.

+ Have you ever watched an infomercial?
- Yeah, that is all that is on all late…

+ How many times did you hit the snoozebutton on your alarm clock today?
- None, I slept thorough the first half.


+ Meat eater?
- Yeah, although I have had trouble eating cow lately.. Damn moo tour!!

+ What is the greatest amount of alcohol you've had in one sitting,outing or event?
- A lot.. Um, three margaritas, a shot of everclear, two oranges and cream, one maibu and orange juice, a miller light, and that is why I don’t remember anything else that happened that night.

+ Have you ever used a professionaldiet company?
- Technically I am now, but this thing is so lenient, that it almost makes it not worth it.

4. LUST...

+ How many people have seen YOUcompletely naked?
- Lol. Does my mom count? Jk hmm. 4.

+ Have you ever caught yourself staringat the chest/crotch of a member ofyour gender of choice during a normalconversation?
- hahaha..winkwink. +

What's ur fave part of ur body?
- My lips, chest, bum, lol, my eyebrows used to be one, but that went to hell!!

+ Have you ever been made a propositionby a prostitute?
- No, unless Micheal counts, jk


+ If you had $1 million, what would youdo with it?
- I would pay off all my stuff, my mothers things, if not I would hear about it later… give some to Riz and Pep, some to the American Cancer society and then I would buy a house… That basically sums it all up.. :)

+ Would you rather be rich, or famous?
- Rich.. Famous peeps get all kinds of stuff said about them.. well it happens in real life too, so… I guess it wouldn’t really matter. But I say Rich.

+ What is the one thing that you'vedone that you're most proud of?
- I went to the eye doctor all by myself!! Go me!!

+ One thing you have done that yourparents are most proud of?
- Nothing, they hate me…

+ What thing would you like toaccomplish in your life?
- I want to be happy, with my own family, and no damn drama!

+ What did you do today that you'reproud of?
- I haven’t done much yet, but I did talk to my mother, if that counts.


+ If you could be anyone else in theworld, who would you be?
- I would be me.. everyone else also has problems.. I don’t want that.

+ Have you ever wished you had aphysical feature diff from ur own?
- Yeah, Don’t we all? I never used to be all insecure, but that changed.. hmm wonder why?? I just wanna be carefree again.

+ Lastly, what is ur fave deadly sin?!
- My whole life.. I know I’m going to hell, I know I’ll see all of you there too, lol.

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