Monday, June 11, 2007

98 degrees and Rising

Do ya'll remember them??? I do and Nick was HOTT!!! D - he still is!
But that is not the point... it's like 90-something degrees out here.. Like melt your face off hot. Maybe it's just me... but it sucks to be wearing work pants and full shoe's and such in this weather. I just need to shave me legs, tmi I know, lol. C' mon they aren't that hairy, but I really do though and then look for a cute skirt to sport. Hope there was fun in your weekends..I dunno why I said weekends, when there is only one, that comes in a pair.. yeah I'm done. mine was fun, well most of it anyways. I didn't update the rest of last week.. been slacking.

Friday was not so busy but went by reals reals slow. I was to meet with Ryan, but he was late.. that skinny mofo! jk, He's cool I guess.. yeah
Moving on Had a mini get together at my house.. As in just us two couples.. Cass calls it Couples night... umm I call it whatever. Had a pizza and Junk food and then some drinks, I was soo tired. I swears I have mono. Drank some more and then eventually they left and we were alone and it was nice.
Saturday was when My aunt was going to have a garage sale at my house.. I was supposed to work but Good old Jared filled for me. so I got all my stuff and headed out to the garage. I sold a bit and made 77 bucks.. yay! I wanted that money to get a microwave. Which didn't happen because of SOMEONE who doesn't want to live with a white and black microwave! lol. That's ok.. we'll get a better one tonight I hope. back to my story... Saturday was so hot! So me and Cass took advantage of it and sat on my blankie and tanned. While mike sat there and ate a yougurt, lol. After no one came to the sale for a while we all took off to the lake. Sat in the sun for a bit, slathered lotions and such alls over :) I'm not gonna lie, that water was cold, but then you got used to it like always and then we all messed around on the floaties. I wanna go again. OOO I forgot to mention, We got a picnic basket!!! I'm so happy! the quest is over, unless we wanna get a better one, but this one is nice, so that may be a while from now. It was to my casa since that is the cool place I guess and more movie watching. Oh I guess I should tell you about a mishap. It's saturday night, sunday early moring.. it's like 3:30 am and I wake up to my mother at my door. Yeah it was ok, except for Micheal was in my bed. ha ha... So Ironic I swear. She's like put your clothes on and come out here.. um I was fully dressed but ok. Yeah so there was a little discussion on that.. so lame. all it came down to was cleaning. Big issue there, lol.
Yesterday... hmm I bummed it out. I was going to see Ocean's 13.. but then someone pissed me off and I don't go for that. I did hang out with Cass and her Mike before I went to the game with my Mike.. it was ok I guess I was bored so we went to walmart and got groceries. yup.. not too exciting.

I hate waking up... I wanna be a bum like all my other friends and enjoy sleeping in and not having to worry about anything, well in the morning that is and just have summer fun. But no, I have to work from 8 ta 5 everyday. but they all have to work all afternoon I guess I'm fortunate. Sucks, but I love my job sometimes :) Spent all morning doing my list of to do's. I'm so lame. I got alot done actually. My desk is squeeky clean now. Ah and then My goals sheet.. I don't really have to many anymore.. either it's accomplishment or I have lost faith in trying. hard to tell at this point. Ah and my finances. I rule, I truly do, For a small fee, you too can enjoy financial bliss, of worrying that is. I'm available if you needs help : D I went to Pizza hut for lunch.. not cool. It was so busy and there was nothing there. First time I ever stiffed a waitress, but hey she sucked. I have a jewlery and hand bag party to go to tonight, seems fun... I'm gonna try to not spend any money. Good plan lets see if I follow. I have no idea what to get my dad for fathers day. Hmm, I dunno. Not a top priority right now..
Alrighty, I'm gonna get off and watch some videos on msn.

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