Monday, June 11, 2007

California Trip: Part 2

Day Four:

This is the day that we actually were going to go to Disney Land. All was fine till I woke up that is, lol. See Juan likes to make these stupid comments from time to time. Always likes to dis and then put people down, seems like a sort of a hobby, lol. The thing that pisses me off the most is people talking smack. He always hurts Abby's feelings all the time and can't say anything nice about her, and says things based on what he has heard... from my mother... yeah that is a great source! It's so Stupid!!!!! Anyways, we got into it, to put it nicely. I'm not one to take anyones crap, anyone who knows me knows that. Grrr... Yeah I was mad, threw out alot of words and stormed out the hotel and sat there, too bad I didn't have my phone at first. I was havin a melt down, I wanted to go home soooo bad. I missed everything and hated being there with him at that moment. We had become really good friends with one of the managers of the hotel and he saw me sitting there all sad and stuff and he came and cheered me up. It was really nice of him, and then I went in to the room, got my stuff and and left again and went walking around, which was prolly not the best idea since I reallly didn't know where I was. They sent out Abby to go lookin for me and she was callin me like crazy. It took me a while to finally go back, at that point I didn't even wanna go anywhere but Rizzy convinced me to go. And we were off. It was cool, the first ride we rode was the star tours, so fun! :) Spent most the morning there, and then went to Juan's tia's house for a BBQ... it was sooo good. Then back to Disney Land. It was fun, then the fire works, those were cool, except for it's a bit hard tryin to find a really good spot. After the show I got my Peter Pan hat with my name stiched in it, so cute!! Spent like a fortune there though. at least I got everything that I wanted.. I even got scrapbooking stuff.. yeah I went over, oh wells. It was about 1 when we got to the hotel. The I was out like a light.

Day Five:

It was soooo early, we got up and ready and then went to breakfast to head out to Universal Studios. I forgot where it is at, umm, I think San Fransico... Yeah I could be wrong.. it takes about an hour or so from where we were. it was fun... not a roller coaster place but there are some really fun shows. I went on that tour thing and you get to see all the old sets that weren't taken down from certain movies. It was like oooooo, aaaahhh, lol. I decided to get this pic of me done... ya know the ones where you have a huge head and then the rest of your body is something cool.. yeah I got one, my body is a care bear!!! it is so adorable!! however the pic is a lil crazy and don't really look like me, but kinda sorta, if you squint your eyes.. ha ha, oh well, still cute!! OMG!! the Jurassic park ride is sooooo fun, i think it's the best! We even got that pic of when your mouth is all open, we all looked so funny! After we left we debated what we really wanted to do. We still had one day left for Disney Land so we didn't know how to use it. Save it for sunday or go see the fireworks again... hmmm. It came to the conclusion that we would all go back to the hotel and chill. I wanted to go swimming and so did everyone else and then after that go to bed early to prepare for sunday's events. Oh did I mention that I miss my bed????

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