Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Color me Emo

Hey Amigos!
Oy... it is reals busy here at work. I was gone at this seminar yesterday for Customer Service. So everyone who didn't go yesterday went today.. yup so Jared is here with me so I wont have to be alone. This seminar was so long!!! it was informational and all but I know a similar thing called common sense. I'm not gonna bash on it too much it was ok, I didn't like driving to Boulder but it was so nice up there compared to Greeley.. Nice to get away for a bit. I'm in such a good mood today!!! yay!!! Well compared to yesterday, I think I was just really tired and super stressed from all that went on. Ahh.. that was crazy.
My weekend was good :) The drive in was fun, it was so hot and then there were a million bugs everywhere.. and then the whole Cassie and Micheal thing. ugh!
Saturday I went to Jenny's bridal shower, it was so sweet! I wanna get married... but just for the fun stuff, not that whole crazy marrige part, lol. Then Me and Mike bummed around the house the rest of the day, and then we got a really early start sunday morning, I had to take him home, so we just went to wally world to get things for the BBQ. Happy be-lated to all those fathers... Eventhough I don't know any besides mine, My bro and my bro in law and then Mike.. Yup ok so I do know some dads, lol.
That was fun exept for it was soooo hot on sunday, so I went swimming! Chilled at Hannah's casa.. And Raneka is back form missouri.. So that was fun. I guess they are all fighting now and Raneka is gonna move out, so they asked if I wanna move in with them.. Um... I dunno. That is alot to think about. I may give it some thought, but seems like I already know where to lean towards.. Afterall we are all in different points in our lives.
Anyways, Last night, omg, so emotional! I have no idea, really, Sucks. Yeah, I have Some Bvs'es lol to do and i should get to that. I'm staying late at work today so this should be funs!
Asta la vista baby!

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