Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Puppy Rockstar

I must say that today has been pretty craptastic so far :)
Let me start off with reminising of how great it has all been... leading up to this moment. The concert was so awesome! I heart Taylor! and Brad! and yeah that's it. I got an autographed cd and a cute shirt... highlight right there baby. After, hung out with the homies. We are so funny when we all get together, we made up this color game.. so cuuuttee. I think I wanna go to another concert at the stampede, but I dunno if I will. I am going to the Rodeo on wednesday and friday. Ooo I even got this really cute carnival scrapbooking stuff, ahh I can't wait. Yup yup... I saw Evan Almighty.. Twice. Not because it was good but because I was sorta conned into going, jk. I went with my mom on Saturday and then went with Mike on Sunday. It was ok, wish the ending was better.

Yesterday was so weird.. even I knew it. So called it. So lemmie explain.
I'm fine... Tired, but eh, I'm fine. I work all day, I went to lunch with Riz and Mike and then we took a lil stroll. I have to add that my food sucked! it was lemon chicken and it was discusting.. just so you know ( although this really didn't have anything to do with my mood, I was content with my rice and springroll) I'm still fine. Then I get off work. This is where it all turns on me, lol. I'm happy, giddy, whatever you wanna call it. I call it Pshyco. Then all of a sudden I feel it comming and I say.. Watch, I'm prolly gonna start crying anytime soon. Sure enough, here come the water works. Save me! Any little thing that you tell me will make me bawl my face off. What is up? Dunno. Stressed, I don't think so.. Maybe just a little. I'm better after an hour or so of this cry fest. Talked to Cassie... which I should also add that She got a job.. Good for her! And so did her Michael, Good for both of them.. Moving along, she got off work and called me. so we met up at Romas to eat dinner. They took forever, that has not much to do with anything but yeah.. I'm so annoyed at this point. I'm tired of hearing about mase in others people's face and all that other security talk that mike was all saying. Cassie noticed I had been crying all kinds, then she gave me the face. Ya know the one that they think you know what it means.. I really didn't and then I thought about it and then I was like ah ha.. Still dunno, It was pretty obvious what she was getting at though. I love you Cassie! Finally we get our food, and that was awesome, so made up for lunch. It was really hot all day yesterday, 107 degrees. Crazy huh. So we all went swimming, I had alot of fun, and I was pretty happy afterwards. Then it was carnival time.. then chillin at Beena's home time, and By beena I mean Hannah. I can't belive how old we are now, well in comparison to high school and then all the old pics. Good times, good times.

So there is my story.. As for today, I'm freezing. My fingers a lil blue, I'm pissed off for no reason and I feel like crud. I think maybe cuz I'm in a bad mood. Riz left to Eliches today, so she got to leave work and I didn't. That could be why I'm a bit sour, and then My phone is being all gay, it doesn't wanna work. So if you need me, e-mail me, or call me at work.
I have stuff to do, and then I have to take lunch.. which makes me sad Cuz Rizzy no here, and I even packed my own lunch so that we could go walking, and now i'm all by myself. *tear*

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