Friday, June 15, 2007

Readys, sets, GO!!

Friday... Friday... Friday!!!
Yayeah! I long awaited this weekend! So far so good but it is only Friday ya know. Lemme update you...

Monday Night I went to that Jewlery and purse party... You all know what My weakness is.. out of those two anyways... Yeah I know. I bought a purse. And it is soooooooooo Cute!!! but hella Expensive. It's a Beijo Uptown. In pumpkin might I add. the most I have ever spent on a purse. Ummmm... welllllllsssss.... it was 84.00 dollars :O I know But hey it's cute and I'm worth it, as well as deserve it, lol. Went to the roadhouse with Micheal and Cass, that was yums. Oh I almost forgot, I got a new microwave!! it is silver and it was something we can both Agree on. Thanks Micheal! Heart you!

Anyways, at work, I moved again. Sucks!!! But after being in this new office for a few days I think I might like it a bit more. I'm still with Chris, they moved us both to an office closer to our department. Jules and Geneva are here and they help make it a bit more fun.. Lol we just ate pop rocks and soda to see who would get the most fizzies in their mouth and have to spit it out. We moved our plant in here too, sam, you member him, yeah so now he is by my desk, next to all the big windows for extra sunlight. We'll see how long I last in here before they move me again lol.
Ooohh I got paid today. Sucks how I gross about a bit over a grand per paycheck (every 2 weeks) and I get a bit over 700.00 LAME!!! so that is like almost 600.00 a mo going to taxes!!! you peeps on social secutrity best thank me!

Today, I'm going to lunch with Rizzy. I think we might go to Toyko... I wanted hot and sour soup since last night. Then after slaving away for a bit, Me and Mike and Cass are going to the drive in.. This will be so fun, First time I go to the one in Ft. Collins. We are taking Cass because she is havin problems with her Mike. He is such an ass! Like if I see him, I'm gonna punch him in the face, lol. We were going to take her out last night, considering we had tickets to go see this show, we ditched it to make her feel better, but then I could never get a hold of her.. so we did stuff on our own. Last night was a bit odd, I was a bit unusual, I think I know why but I'm not sure.. if that makes sense. Tomorrow, It's Jenny's Bridal shower.. and I dunno what I'm gonna bring to eat, I think I was gonna make drinks, I need to put more thought into it. Alas... Sunday is father's day andI am still without a gift. That is now on my to do list, lol.

Alrighty, I'm gonna gets off now, see yall's later and have a wonderful weekend!

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