Tuesday, June 05, 2007

California Trip: Part 1

Ok, so here is how it all went down when I was away.

The trip down there:

So it's Moday in the am. and I'm still drying some of my clothes, I woke up at 6 so I could finish, and I wasn't fully packed yet. After runnin around for a bit, I got it all done. Maybe around 10 ish is when Arizbe came over and then we were out. I have to say that Colorado is beautiful, if you are lookin at thr right places, those mountins, ah. kodak right there, and then Utah, so boring, untill you are in the platues and its so cool, the layered red walls... yeah and then it seems all so weird because I have never traveled out west, so vegas was so pretty at night and then cali is just cali i guess, lol. the ocean is pretty though. We finally arrived at 3:30 in the morning, I was so expecting more from the room but it was ok I guess. I had to share a bed with Abby and Ally... those girls sleep all crazy. At that point in time I knew I was going to miss my bed :(

Day One:

We woke up all early and by the time we are all done with showers and such it was about 2 hours. Hurried up and ate breakfast.. that was with hardly any variety but can't complain too much. California adventure was the first place we went to and it was cool, that hanglider ride is awesome!!! I think we went on almost every ride. The carousel made me sickies, too much tummy ups and downs... ugh! I was lookin forward to the tower of terror but we didn't get a chance to get on that. The bugs life is one that I would have to say is my fav! I got a really cute sweater and it cost 48 bucks, lol. What can I say... it's pricey. We were there till it closed about 6. starvin so....The first time I ate at Jack in the box... exciting I know!!! lol. Then we went back to the hotel and went swimming... I love swimming! Ally got her floaties, she is so cute, and then Me being the instructor that I am taught her how to swim in the 6 foot area. Then it was mimi's time. After talking to Micheal of course.. 7 more days!

Day Two:

The day we went to Sea world!!! it was so cool!!! Shamu!!! I wish I had another day there, it was so cool and they are so pretty and they splashed water at us and at the shamu show it wasn't that bad at getting us all wet, we did go to the dolphin show and that was wet.. they splashed us and we were litterally soaked. Salt water is so gross!!! ahh it was so fun, but by the end i was freezing. There was this 4-D movie, it was fun, and really cold in there. Spent way too much money there. I got really cute turtle stuffed animals, You should see them, you will litterally go.. AWE!! Did that one ride that takes you really high up there and you can see the whole park, funness. After we left we went to see Juan's tia. that took forever and we finally got to the hotel all late, we still went swimming though. I got so mad at Micheal... I was so serious, lol. I was to the point where I was like screw it all, our friendship, us moving out, Cancun, all of it!!! But then again I always say that and then in the end I forgive em. ahhh, Damn me!! But I must admit that I was really mean. oh well. I'm over it already. After all I had already made the resrvations for Cancun... So I guess I'm obligated to talk to him, lol. Oh yeah, I already planned next years vacation. Cancun in Febuary. Yay!! The only thing that sucked is that when you make the reservations you had to pay for it too.. so yeah.

Day Three:

Today we went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. It was that or the Zoo, this one had those african animals. it was cool. We considered on going on those personal tours that actually let you go up to the wild animals in the little jeep lookin thing, but it was 90 dollars a person. Instead we went on the hot air ballon ride, it was only 15 bucks and it was so cool. Arizbe's knees were all shakey... She hates heights. I can stand them when I'm in a secure place, lol. There was this tour that we went to and that was really awesome. It's just sad seeing some animals that are endangered. I don't know which was my fav.. I like the giraffe. I was adorable, there was even a baby one with wobly little legs, still doesn't beat the baby calves from the moo tour though. We went to the hotel and then ate there and then it was Juan's bright Idea to go and look for the HollyWood sign. Yeah we got lost, really lost. And it took forever to really find it. and the whole reason for that was that it was turned off so we couldn't reallly see if from where we were driving till we were really close. so a million stops and asking all kinds of peeps we finally were heading in the right direction. When we did make it up to there it was so cool, despite no illumination. Pics were really hard to take and those curvy roads up there are crazy fun. Eventually we made it back to Aneheim. I must say I was traumatized lol, we stopped at this gas station to use the restroom and it was scary... it was like in the middle between carnie, white trash and ghettoness. so I bet you can imagine how I felt. lol. it was all better when I got back in the car... :)

K well I have to go home now, I'll update more later!

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