Thursday, June 14, 2007

California Trip: Part 3

Day Six:

It was really early when we had waken up. It was time to get ready and to pack up all out tiliches. That is spanish slag for stuff... if you didn't catch that, lol. We had a lilo and stich breakfast schedualed, it was nice, Took millions of pictures with all the characters, Minnie, max and Daisy were all there too. Food... um that was ok too. Juan's aunt had came with us and after all that was done we went shopping!!! my favorite! It was cool. Then we were going to go back to the hotel to get all our suitcases. There was debate on what we were going to do. Either it was Disney Land for half the day or maybe go to the beach or just go home. The beach won and so we went to ummm... I think it was called north shore, or something with an N, lol. I had tons of fun, OOOO the water is so gross!!!! It was all salty and it makes you wanna gag. Abby kept fallin in the water when the waves came and Riz would get all scarred, it was funny. She lost her goggles in the ocean and then she was all depressed.. We ran to get changed and there was sand everywhere... such a mess. Then we were off to head home, but we decided to stop in Vegas First. It was so hot. the air is just humid and ahhh.... The m and m world was our first stop. I can't belive how much stuff there is, that would have been Cassie's Dream! Then it was to go chow down. Rizzy gambled a bit and then we left to go home. I was so excited!

The Ride Home:

I remeber we stopped somewhere and we all snoozed. I was out most of the whole way home. Since I was sleeping like the whole way everyone had food and I didn't.. I was starving and it was already in the afternoon and everyone had samwithces and burgers... them fatties! anyways we finally stopped somewhere and got some food. Man It seemed like everyones's nerves were on edge. I just wanted to go home and at that point we were like 4 hours away and It seemed to take so much longer. Finally we arrive!!! it was so nice except for my parents were all weird.. like all distant... Oh wells! Mike came over and it was an awesome night!!! I'm gonna end it there :) All in all, I had a great vacation, But it's nice to be home! Now it's time to plan for next year's vacation to Cancun!!! I'm looking forward to this!

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