Monday, April 23, 2007

Lovely Lonelies

Today sure feels like a monday, i hate those feelings.
Today i recived the e-mail from the perosonal trainer dude, he set this meal plan for me, ha ha, it's crazy!!! SO like i guess my goal that we had descussed was too high, it was only 20 pounds and he set me up to do 15, becuse my height, weight and activity i do i guess. Basically i am well porportioned, nice huh. Since today has started kinda crudy I think I will start my "diet" tomorrow. Besides i already had a buritto :) and thats no good.
Thursday was jamed packed of stuff... I must say, I had these really cute shoes on, and they looked so good with my outfit, which took me forevers to actually decide if i really looked that good in them, lol. It's all early and i'm sittin there asking Micheal how my pants look, Honestly i just think he told me whatever it took to get me to just decide, lol. I don't think men understand that if you change your pants then you will have to change your shoes and if you change those then you will most likely have to change your top too, and then you have to hope to god that your hair looks cute with your shirt, it's a long process... lol. Bein a girl sucks, jk, I love me! Anyways back to my shoes, they near KILLED me, the most effin painfull shoes i have ever worn. I have only worn them one time before, and I so remembered why. We all went to target to but those little gell pads that you place in your shoe to make it feel all betters and that helped for a bit. I had to run over to my Junior Acheievement class, I was in such a hurry because I was running late, so i'm runnin up to the school and mind you I am in these horrible shoes! I look up and I am at the wrong school!!!! SO i get back in my car and drive like 50 feet to the right school and I'm limpin in at this point, I was a little late but it all worked out... You walk in and all you heat is Ms. SOTO!!! they are so cute. And then they all listen and they tell me stories of how they showed their parents all the things we did and what they learned. I melt like every time!
I went back to work and stayed till 5:30 and went to Cassie's for dinner and over to the captain's house for Coffee Talk... it was nice and i drank alot of coffee. Went home and watched a few movies with Luis.
I had a wonderful friday!! hope most of you all did as well! I was late to work because i was soo tired from events on thursday night, that I fell back asleep after I had woken up. Then Riz calls and asked what was for breakfast, That was more like a wake up call. I ran to work half an hour late... ooppsseyy! It was like the day before, I was late too but this time it was Micheal's Fault because he had my keys in his glove box... who put it there?.. who knows. lol
SO when i think my morning was gonna get better because i had a scheduled massage at 9:30. Yay a half hour of bliss. It was nice, could have been better... mostly because my leg fell asleep. I went to lunch with Rizzy and Jose, we went to taco bell and then to the Credit union to make some payments, and then off to culvers to get some custard! ah I think I deserved it! I was suppoed to go to this place in Milliken to go hang with some co-workers and do a lil Karayoke with some drunk folk, but then I got offered Eagles Tickets and there was no way we were going to pass that up, Mike and I are like regulars there, lol. They lost however, series of events that lead to the loosing. ther were lots of good fights though. After we got back home I took off and Hung with Tyrone, no he ain't black... that seems to be what everyone asks, lol. Then we went to Geneva's house, that was fun. Afterwards chilled with Gina and left to me casa.
Saturday we went to the Museum of nature and science... I had So much fun! The planetarium was so cool, I wish we could have seen the thing on black holes, but we are all cheap mofos. Afterwards we headed to Cici's, it was jammed packed and I was beyond irritated and so was mike. We went home and hung out for bit and then it was mimi time.
I actually woke up early on sunday because I decided to go to church on Sunday. It was ok, i think I would go again, good disscusion i suppose... Made ya think. Went to grub at golden c, that sounds cooler so i think I might just stick to that. the girls and I came to the conclusion of a girls day without the boys. Swimming sounded so great, we were going to work out afterwards but sitting at home sounded so much better :) Later Mike and I had dinner at our place, then went to our other place, lol.
We are gonna go to lunch now, i think we are gonna go to abos.. not really in the mood for anything.. Seems all i wanna eat is pig chips and orange soda.. Strange I know, lol. I don't have my car today, My mommy has it, for tonight i think it is a blank slate,I do need to go tanning, i haven't gone for evers and it's pointless to pay and not go.. ok well i'm gonna run a check over before mike comes. See yall laters!!

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