Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Temp.... what?

Hola, another day of crazy weather that I like but at the same time hate. So much to inform ya'll of. Oh my did I just say ya'll, oh yea I did. He he.. My mom is now crazier than ever. I have made the decision to move out, and soon so by the end of month, I will be flying solo... just don't know with who yet. I recently talked to Kevin.. ah, a lost cause. He broke up with his girlfriend that was his fiance' ya... So now he wants to talk, and hang out. He thinks I'm with erick, maybe beause I told him I was. See my whole thing was that I would say I was with someone so he will not try to ask me back out again. Ha so me and Erick are together now, but for fav faves. lol I actually feel really bad for Kevin despite all the things that have happened between us, his gf decided to inform him that she actually did not , and thought that getting married was a bad idea. So now he has lost everything, including his money that was in his joined account. Sad thing is that he keeps mentioning how I was right for him and that he regrets all the things he did, like breaking up with me. Then I recive this text this morning... he says that he is falling for me, as in liking me again, and he feels bad about it because I'm "with" someone. In reality, I don't know if I could ever go back to him. Do you think it is possible for someone to change due to their past experiences??? I think it is possible.... Eventhough I still have feelings for him, I don't want to fall flat on my face again. Since he is the only one I have ever loved, there is that little something that I wish would go away. I'm so confused. I feel that if I do go back to him, everything I have planned will be all jacked, but mostly I'm afraid of the whole " I told you so" thing from everyone. Oh and that My family would be against it.... Hallo!!! AM I a rebound?? I don't think so cuz I'm "with" someone and technically we can't get back together untill I'm single.
Besides all that crap.. I'm not so sure what is on my mind besides school. which is hard and mind shredding. Okies well that is all for now.. cuz I'm currently fighting with Erick on IM. ah that sucks. outties

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Micheal Bach said...

Hmm, can people change from past experiences? I'm not too sure about that, but I did hear an interesting quote on Smallville that might pertain to that.

"People aren't who they say they are at any given moment, they are who they've always been"

Meaning that, this guy, is the same one that messed up long ago I'm assuming. Did he change from what just happened to him?

Maybe, but I would be wary of quick "get togethers" after an intense breakup. Like you said in the post....rebound.

Good luck with moving out though, could be tough.