Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gypsy Woman

Hey yall!
I'm at work and am about to head to lucnch... dunno where I'm gonna go. hmm, chinese sounds good. I and had some french toast for breakfast.. Chris made it for me :)
So I sit here.. In my semi new position, I have all this new stuff to do. I have to like update all this bank info.. kinda weird. I am in charge of verifying all transfers and GL tickets. I'm not to fond of runing up and down all the stairs, its a work out :) It's so cool though. Being lead and all.. I do get stressed a bit. k so ya know how we are supposed to move to the new building.. I think I'm gonna have to stay.. which is cool but then again i think I might have to stay with someone.. jarod or carole.. Personally I don't care, it's all gravy.

Had a great weekend, just went by too fast. Marnie's baby shower was so cute.. Besides Micheal and I had a wonderful time pickin out all the baby stuff. so cute!!! I love babies.. thing is ya get baby fever and it's just like a cold.. not good for
Drama is all I can really think of that happened like on friday.. gee. I can't really remember much, lol. Then saturday I went to work for a bit at wow.. yup it is really called that. i took the girls with me and then got an oh so good massage... however, never better than the ones i get at home :)

Oh superbad, that was such a good movie. Knocked up is better but they are both up there. I recomend you see it.

Arizbe won tickets on tuesday morning to see Hilary Duff. She is so Fabuous! I have been stuck on her song, play with fire.. good stuff. It was so funny she called me and was all screaming on the phone... she was all shaky.. so I heard her on the radio and she was all stoked. so we went and it was really good. Click five opened for her, they were good.. i got a cd from them and they all signed it... I even took a shot of the cute drummer guy :)

k well I'm gonna go to lunch with Rizzy.
See yall laters!

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