Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Grand Slam fell short

Hey guys!
Half an hour till I go home and I thought I would post one last time being at my desk.
yep, I got a promotion, well a mini one. I get to be the lead info girl :) I already know how to do it all, it's just getting the title and then moving to the front. I won't be there long anyways, we are then going to move to a new building.. right next to the bank, would be nice to have our own office again... me and Chris that is.. we can so not be apart and this time when I move alone is gonna be tough, lol. I think I hold the record for the most moves here in the center.. this is going on 5 in like 6 months.. yeah...

So the fishies died.. sadness.. So mike got rid of them yesterday, and they have been dead for a while now, that is so sickies I know but I can't handle dead things.. I'm such a girl. I think we might get the big aquarium set up once we get alot more moneys to buy all the fishies we want. This broke spell doesn't seem like a spell anymore, it's like all the time, lol. I am paying off one of my credit cards! WOO HOO!

The ball games. Thursday night was great, I left work early and then we got there around 5:30 and we still missed the blankets. I was so pissed!!! but then there was this really nice guy who gave us one. the game itself was so good. Theriot went first and then he stole 2 bases right then and it was such a good game and we won 10 ta 2.
Saturday however sucked!!! I went to milliken for the rider ramble, a 5 k race.. and then got home at 8:30 am to the garage sale my mom and sis were having. on the plus side I made $21.00 yay!! lol not really.. so then I was so tired the rest of the day. But we went to the game still. We got our asses kicked! So sad. Like they got a grand slam and then one stole the base and got a run. Cheaters is what they are, lol. Come on, Holliday of all people to get a slam?? Fluke. However when there is one for the cubs and we got a chance for a grand slam, and not to mention we had two chances for it, and ironic enough that Dereck Lee landed them both struck out each time. Pathetic.. that made me so depressed and then when you think it wouldn't get any worse, they as in the Rockies get another 5 runs. Yeah, so we made it up by buying beef jerky! GO CUBS!!!!

Saw rush hour 3 sunday.. ok movie, funny but not as funny. eh, go see it :) then my daddy made food, mmmm. Things have been really great at home lately, so that is a plus.

Erick has me for the night, he's trying to take it off for tonight, a little switch from my usual nite time buddy Micheal :D
k well it looks like it's gonna rain and I'm heading outta here! have a great and safe night!!

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Frank said...

Why can't you like football as much as you like base ball?
Knowing you, you went all decked out in cubbies gear. You look cute in a hat ya know :)