Friday, February 20, 2009

Rollin with the Homies

Ever watch Clueless and that one chick played by Britany Murphy hits her head and to make sure she is ok, that one not so cute guy gets her to sing " Rollin with the homies" moving her hand? Well that is what I was just thinking of.

Work is moving along quite smoothly for a wonderful and much anticipated Friday. Bliss!

So I have to share that Micheal can be one of the coolest dudes I know. Reason being, ( well not the only reason but the reason why I bring it up now) On V-day he registered/ bought me a website :D and not just any website, PSalways!!!!!! WOOT!!!! I'm so excited! XD See!!!!!
This is specificaly for my scrapbooking aspirations, which at the time is a work in progress. Soon enough it will be up and running. More updates to come on that project.

Well food is here, Quiznos, Yummo! See ya!

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