Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Been what???

Forever I know. We all say life gets to busy, but does it really get that busy?? Idk! Maybe, Or maybe I just didnt want to post, Like how I dont do alot of things now, like go on myspace and talk on the phone... ya know? Anyways, I'm back! Not sure for how long or on what level of attention, but with a bit of can do attitude and hopefully the remider from Jroc :) Hey hey hey! lol. Yup, so I dont really wanna go back down memory lane, cuz nothing is worth wasting my time writing about it! So well just go on from here! What to say.. what to say... Hmm. Well I heart my i-pod. It helps drown out the sounds of people asking for help! Peace!

1 comment:

jrocson said...

a friendly reminder from jroc here to keep udating your blog lqtm (laughing quietly too myself). Sounds like lots of stuff has happened since your last blog, maybe you will have to put up a more updated one. I hopefully can find some free time to update mine after lunch or something!