Friday, February 13, 2009

Almost 5!

Yup, you heard right, it's almost time for me to head on home! I'm so stoked for this weekend. I have a few things planned, but best of all, I get a luxurious 3 day weekend. If you work on Monday out there, My deepest apologies, I feel for you.

So valentines eh.... Does anyone think that day is a tad bit overrated? I guess I'm in the middle. Like why should you show someone you heart them that one day, when if you really do, you should do it all the time?? But then again who don't like gifts and chocolate? Come on now! Hell I already got a flower and heart shaped box of peanutbuttery goodness. mmmm, So i guess I'm on the fence. I guess it depends if you are dating someone or if you even have a date. If its D: none of the above, then yeah tomorrow must suck. Hold on a sec, not all sorrows my Friends, on Sunday you head over to your local walgreens and pick up some ridiculously cheap treats. Score!

Anyways, Here is a cute comic that I have seen about forever and Mike mailed it to me today, Just in time for v-day. Te he he he! :D

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