Saturday, June 21, 2008

20 before my 21

I'm Alive... really. Despite my total disconnect with the outside world for what has been about a month.... I think, ah who knows could be more. Things are perfect :D
but I have to be the worst blogger ever! Guess it rubs off from you know who... My goal is to be better and with all the madness and the inching settlement, things are going to be calm enough for me to get back to regular life mode.

Today is exactly 20 days before my 21st birthday! I'm gonna try to my best abilities to try and get a 20 before 21 mini in. What a "mini" is me scrapping out my whole 20 days before and that way I have a sweet album to look back on this life chapter o' mine. Cool huh. Today I'm gonna start with work and then later we is gonna go to the park and have a sushi picnic. So sweet!
I will have to use my updating goal to let ya see how well I do with keeping up on it :)

There is far too much to catch up on... and I don't know if I wanna try he he he..
However, I will share that we got a special addition to our family... well on my sisters part, and on my behalf as well. I'll leave ya with that, cuz I have to get back to works!

Have a wonderful 2nd official day of summer!
*pinky square to write back soon!

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