Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Time of the essence

It's late, for me anyways. I am to leave at 5 and here I am working till 6:30. I didn't take a lunch. I left work at 1 yesterday cuz I was feeling sick. I did this morning for a bit too, but I just knew I had to go in. Oh and I got another Job!!! Ha ha , I bet your thinking like why would you get another job? well, cuz I wanna. I got a part time job at the boys and girls club by my house. I'm an Event director, yay!!! I was really excited, Heather, Chris's wife got me the job there, she used to work here but she left to work there, but she is no happy there. she is comming back to the bank, part time, or so we thought, She wants her old full time job back, but I guess it's what she wants. I am most likely going to be there by myself with all these Ghetto people and kids. Ah, I went there yesterday and those kids are so roughty. I'm lookin into trouble, or it feels that way.

So my parents are gone, until sunday. I am so sad! It has been really hard for me to be alone these past few days. Even though I am never with my parents when they are here, still nice to know they are there and you are safe. I hung out with everyone on friday and then Mike and I took my parents to the airport. Which I felt like crap then too... and then we came home and slept till real late. Spent all weekend together, it was really fun. then sunday I hung out with erick and Had a really great weekend till monday night comes.. I was all lonely for a while till erick came over again. Just sucks, I'm not used to being all by myself all the time. When I left yesterday was worse. I hate being sick and then to not have my mom there to take care of me, bummer! I'll get over it soon I hope. I might go with Rizzy tonight, she left to Illinois for the weekend too so I couldn't cling to her. But she is back and I am so HAPPY!!!

I have nothing else to say except for I'm bored, getting a headache and am so ready to go home. I have a whole long lonely hour left, wish me luck! I'm gonna go home and sleep shortly after all of this, and someone is making me dinner! lol.
Buh byes!

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