Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Tick Tock Tick Tock

As you can see it's whatever time it says at the bottom. I fell asleep at 5 and then I woke up around 8:30 or so and now I can't go back to sleep, (sigh) but I'm tired, but not sleepy.
Today... ok I guess, I'm listening ot one of my favorite songs, appraise chourus by Jimmy eats World, yay. Today I read that blog Jose posted on myspace and it's kinda scary. The fact that he would give up his life for me is sweet but the other fact that he cares for me soo much to pay a randsom and give up his life is a little stange, It makes me wonder how much stronger he viewed our friendship to be than I though he thought, uh.. does that make sense? Ok, so back to what I was saying, he said that I looked Beautiful the day I we all went to pizza blast.... Right, I don't think I have ever looked so cheezzy!! Hello I was taking care of kids. I was wearing jeans and a shirt, and my hair was craptastically put in a some sort of bun.. Hot, I don't think so. He stated that he wanted to "make out with me" as if!! He was afraid of my reaction, ok ya afraid that I would beat the crap out of him?? Cuz I so would. And I think he's just jealous of Estevan, cuz he's not a fatass, and to be jealous of Estevan right now? thats sad. Ohhh another fav song, Cable car by the Fray, I love this song!!! Me and Jose went ot go see htem at the UNC Ballroom that day it was snowing like crazy but they cancelled the concert and I haven't checked whrn they come back. Anyways me and Erick are speaking once again but one of those conversations that seem tense. I know he's still mad. It just doesn't feel the same anymore. As for me and Jose and the getting in trouble thing, his mom is mad and so is mine and hopefully we will all get over this soon.
Other thoughts, I saw Mrs. Zappanti today she sent a million passes for me and called my phone during class, can you say obessesive? SO I went and saw her after school, she's sweet but a little crazy and won't quit till you do what is right... Which makes me question what I tell her now, since I want to go to aims and not take a year off I have to fill a FAFSA sheet, oh no, and I have to do it soon, very soon, or so she says. It's ok she's just trying to help me, and she has yummy trail mix!! Since I wanted to try out for the commensment speech for Graduation, that would mean I have to write a speech, great logic, lol. So I thought and thought, and I have stuff on paper but it's not final and is bad because I have to try out tommorow, oops.
I'm not sure if it's even good and I suck at speaking in front of a few people let alone hundreds, I guess there is no harm in trying and at least they will hear what I have to say. I do want to get picked but I'm just so scared, so whatever happens, happens. But do wish me good luck!!!
Enough for now I think I'll try to sleep now, but I guarantee that I will be tossing and turning, paying for those few hours that I crashed. Goodnight

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