Monday, April 18, 2005

Dark hallways of the mind

Is there really enough time to do any thing you would ever want to do? My teacher has a quote in his room that says "Never say you didn't have enough time to do anything great with your life, you have the same amount of weeks, days, hours and seconds that Helen Keller, Susan B. Anthony,..ect." Ok I can't remember the whole quote but you get the point. It's true but who really knows.

The other day as I came home I was cleaning my messy part of the house. I realized no one makes a mess downstairs besides me and the kids occasionally. I began to think.... Which is always a bad thing because if i think too much I get craazy ideas and tend to evalutate things in everysingle perspective. But this thinking was so diffrent. Have you ever Kinda zoned off into something and then find yourself thinking about something completly opposite? That is what happend to me. As I looked down at my royal blue toe socks with brown monkeys and little yellow bannanas, ah they are way cute socks, but I looked at them I began to think about how I want my life to be. When I'm older I want to have A big floor so that I will have to mop it, and with pine sol, not the fabuloso thing, eventhough the orange one is my favorite scent. I want a vacum that you can empty out eaisly, not one with a bag, those suck, I want the little tornado action one that you can remove that barrel and clean out the crud inside. I want a 100 or even 200 gallon fish tank with 28 cent fishes from pet co. I want a really small dog that I can stick in a bag, but then I don't. I want my life to go the way it plans. Then I began to think, again... Not everything you want in life is going to happen or you may get your 100 gallon fiah tank but not get any 28 cent fish that you can name all fred. If life were to happen how we all planned, we would never learn anything, like how love is, how friendship is, what it feels like to fail at something. So as I looked down at my socks again I noticed they were turinig green on the bottom.... Ah ha, SInce I was mopping I mixed fabuloso and clorox spray thing together and I didn't have any shoes when I was mopping, thus causing my socks to change color. And I was so not expecting that, much like many of the things in life.

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