Wednesday, April 20, 2005


AHH.... I feel like crap!!!! Ok I just got done with my audition and I really F***ed up. I honestly don't hink I'm going to get it, oh well. There were a ton of people that were way better than me and it was way intimidating. I went and messed up and left ok with my speech, which is odd because I suck at public speaking. So after feeling bad there was one thing I turned to... Chocolate of course. Along with a amplid amount of candy and pickles, food that would make me feel better and I must say it did, I wouldn't doubt if I gained 6 pounds in the process of my happines but that is fine because as long as I am happy, it's all good. We are supposed to get a call tonight about the speech, I heard my speech was funny but it's not enough to be great. I wanna get this off my mind but I can't and it bothers me.
Moving along with my life, I had to perform an excert from Macbeth today and I must say it went well we pulled it off, so on friday I have to do another one, yay what joy. For some reason I have been felling weird lately, people are easily getting on my nerves. Like Jose for instance he's really been annoying, oh wait maybe it's cuz he's calling me a bitch every other second, sorry forgot. lol
Well I'm off to school again, another night of exciting literature with Mrs. Coyle, I can't wait till this is over. Buh bye

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