Monday, April 11, 2005


I have awesome friends yet they all kind suck.... I'm not trying to be mean but they do. I love my best boys to death but I can't help think that something is way wrong with them. Each and every one of them!! LOL I always seem to come up with new great theories of our friend ships that at times get me in trouble. Ok the concept that sleeping with your best friends crush WILL indeed make you pregnant was not so "true" not to mention really bitchy. It's really weird how I think. OR telling your guy friend that you wish he was gay so you can both check out guys, ha one that I still stick to.
Well me and Badon't (aka. Erick ) always hang, the only one who ever wants to come over and actually so something with me.... jk Jose. But there are times when times that he is waiting for me to turn 18 so I can buy porn for him, that's kind of odd thinking that I will/would do that, yah I'm gonna buy all kinds of porn with tons of hot girls on it and I will be seen as normal ( normal being a butch buying girl on girl action) HA HA Like not. K well I'm going through this phobia thing that I don't want to be 18 not cuz the whole porn thing but cuz it's scary, in a way I want to be grown up but buying cigarettes and lotto tickets, and certainly not porn, isn't going to make me happy or get over it faster.
Jose THE best friend lol, I love you but it's never going to happen, you are my boy and that's it. I think we should do something between us and not with ka, oh wait we already do!!! lol I know that we will always be friends although you seem to think that we will go our separate ways after I graduate, uh, no, I don't think so mofo. I'm kinda sad because I got a crapy sticker at JB's yesterday, 'Your a pancake short of a stack'?? What the hell is that? Whatever just save the drama for your momma. I think we should go shopping and get some new clothes and get a new do, sound good? Oh yeah.. And I will so get the BYU done ok so quit buggin' ok. FIVE days and counting, I so know I will get it done trust me, I'm awesome.
I met this guy Michael and he is really nice and I want to get to know him better and things of that matter but it's hard when asses like umm...who? Oh yeah Jose and Erick get all pee pee hurt and want to make everything worse, cuz they can't stand the fact that I actually meet and like a guy that isn't them... Ya please take the hint guys!! And PLEASE don't mess anything up, I feel like begging you, but begging is most likely not going to stop you guys from doing what you want (sigh!!) Anyways I kind hope Michael is reading this so that he knows that I think he is great and that he doesn't think I'm a dorkis for saying so.
Ohhh, Dezy well that is a long story in its' self and we are starting to talk again, slowly but i really don't think it will ever quite be the same. What do you think?? Hello, what a change of thought from night to day. We will see what will happen later on. Ha ha ha
Cassie Lou, ohh I love her and yet feel I fell so sorry for her at the same time, no one deserves to be treated so craptasticly, oh well her choice I guess, I personally think Michael needs to grow up ( Michael as in cassies' boyfriend) and take on his responsibilities as a dad, who am I kidding, whatever!!!
My dear Erin the decisions in her life are odd and I may never come to understand them, Being addicted to sex, baby, dike spikes??...but as long as she is happy, it's all gravy. Ha Bryan being 30, good times.
Hanners, Raneka, and Brian... aahh, my amigos, GROW UP, ok what am I saying?? I'm afraid t grow up, uhh nevermind. I had fun driving through the burger king drive through with you guys acting like brats, god I hate it when someone does that to me when I'm working, but it was way fun because it was so cruel!!! Check the bag..
I am very grateful for all my friends that I have, I only listed a few that I truly kinda consider friends..... I love you guys and know that you are string to be able to but up with me and all my crazy ideas that I set up for myself..

OOOO I want to shank you all, lol sorry I'm not Misty.... Patty

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