Monday, April 11, 2005

I am soooo freakin pissed!!!

GGRRRRRR!!!! Ya know i have been angry before but i'm not so sure if it has ever been this bad, well it's not that it's bad, but the feeling that you have never expected this or that it seemed way surprising, or even that you know it's going to affect more that just me. Look yes me and Erick fighting, but according to him, it's all my fault, ya ok. This reminds me of the time in class when he was fighting with me over MY pencil, I didn't have another one or else i would have given it to him, duh.. Anyways, he got moved because WE were being disrupptive to the class. So when he moved he im'ed me and told me that it was all my fault, oohh kinda like now. So me being nice, i appoligized and he claimes I never did.. OOKK whatever, i'm not sure if I still care alot about it, despite what he says. Now Erick thinks I am not speaking to him, so he thinks it would be a great idea to write Micheal and tell him that I am his girlfriend and stupid stuff that will eventually makes things really bad. Why can't boys grow up???

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