Sunday, April 17, 2005

Flash back

It's now sunday. I'm here at home making spaghetti mmm, before I have to go to work, I would much rather stay at home all day but thats not possible. My parents left to a party like they do every weekend, and as usual without me because I have to work. SO I'll fill you all in on my busy weekend... Friday I had wonderful plans to sleep in and maybe go to a movie. NO I ended up taking my 8 month pregnant sister in law to the doctors office. She looks like she is going to explode. I can't help but tend to giggle at the sight of her and her tremendous belly, she's a 5 foot, 93 pound philipina who is carring twins in her tiny body. It's great. After running around all morning with her I went over to Jose's house. I am so happy to announce that ALL BYU work is done and all I have to do is testing, yay!!! Moving on, I called the Universtity and have everything under control. But I had to retake a test that I failed, so I worked on that then left his house, picked up my paycheck, watch it all go away at once, and finally went home. After being there for about 2 minutes, I got a call to take care of my nieces, ok whatever so it's off to the mall, where Abigail and i get into a fight, oh joy, last time she goes anywhere with me. At the mall we all talk to Estevan.. ah, Because Abigail thought it would be a bright idea to scream out, " look he's working today tia" I think I felt more than obligated to go and speak to him. So we walk in and he asks, how are we doing today, uh fine I supppose. We begin to talk and then he asked how desiree was... Right like I would know and/or care. Worst thing is that he knew we are no longer friends, he did it on purpose. Damn . Then he says he moved, so he gives me a piece of paper and a pen... SO I look at him and say "what's this for?" Ok I knew what it was for but did I really want him to call me? Whatever so I wrote my number and he said he would call. I left thinking who the hell he had heard everything from about me and dez, but since it was such a secret he couldn't tell me, Right. We later went to pizza blast with my load of kids, that was another expericnce, they all ate tons of pizza and drank litters of soda and won hardly any tickets, Me and Jose broke a machine and had to have the guy come about 6 times to finally get it to work right, it was really embarasing. We left with prizes and I had a huge headache from all hte whistles they got from their tickets. I thought to myself that is something that would make me want to have kids and take them to fun places like where i went when i was young, but since Greeley is too poor to have a Chuck E Cheese, Pizza blast will have to do.
Saturday I went to work at 10 and I was still tired from friday night. Work was ok I got off early, that was an upturn. My manager gave me tickets to the Eagles playoff game for monday. Cool except now I have to find someone to take, I thought Jose but then again he does everything with me and maybe I should take some one new. Carlos a Co- worker had the Idea that we should go to prom.... But if I pay, ha ha thats funny. I think he was just joking, unless he had no perception of what is proper. lol He said If I were to invite him he would go all Vaquero, ok, then we would look pretty odd, eventhough it's diffrent and I bet he would look all that bad dressed up like that, but me and Carlos... No way. My sis calls and asks if I want ot go with her to the rodeo they had last night, ok that's cool. So I went, It was ok, the best part was the little kids ridding on sheep, my 4 year old niece kept calling them lamas. It was fun. I got home at 12:30 last night after being at my sister's place for 2 hours.
Well I better get ready for work now, I get off at 9, and 8 hours seems like a long time to work, and especially at McDonalds. ( sigh) I hope today is slow but not too slow, a medium paced level would be good. Till next time....

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Micheal Bach said...

I love how your posts are so long, my reading comprehension scores are sure to skyrocket (j/k). But hey, Eagles tickets? Take me, take me! *raises hand*

Well I'm outta here, its late. Gotta go to bed.