Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I can't think of a worthy title

Ok so I get out of school and I got a call from Mrs. Capmpell. The one who was to call me about the speech. Well I didn't get the part which makes me sad but not to the point of real sadness. James Lopez got it, go fig... he's really good so he deserved it. They liked my speech and they said I did a great job delivering the point and that it wasn't so obvious that I was so nervous. Right, but then again I bet they say that to everyone, I think I don't feel so bad because other people besides me didn't get it either. That sounds mean doesn't it.... oh well. The really bad news is that I am out of chocolate, so I guess I have to settle on peanut butter, sugary pudding and ice cold cokes.
It's raining outside and it makes everything of a bad day seem worse. It's not that I don't like rainy days, I just think they are better when you have someone to share hot chocolate with and then watch tv under the spongebob blanket. Being alone with my jar of peter pan peanut butter just doesn't quite feel the I forgot to do my chemistry and sociology homework so that sucks, but I'm behind because I choose it that way I guess.
I've been having a hard time thinking lately and hence my title... So I'll leave it at that because I refuse to fight with my brain any longer.

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