Saturday, January 26, 2008

I have something....

To tell you!!!

I have been pretty inspired lateley! I got these super cute chip board letters, with adhesive I just made a whole entire kit for myself. I LOVE it! I made a few lay outs, and I even made a b-day card. I'm not really into making cards, ( you can tell be my homemade v-day ones, lol) prolly cuz I love pictures so much, but I really got into it, I used delicious ki rockstar paper, a bit of ribbon, viola! Wonderful! I may upload some pics of my "kit" later :) I have my nifty little camera and I may head to wallgreens to get some developed :)
Scrapfest tonight!!

On other news, I had my very first hostess Slumber party last night, it was sooo fun!
My good news is..... I'm now a distributer!
it may seem kind of 'all of a sudden' but I have been thinking about it for little over a year, like since I worked at the credit union. I just decided to take the plunge and stop thinking about it and live it down. I so happy. I'm totally looking forward to it, I already have 3 parties booked, and I feel like I will have tons of help from my sponsor! I am so excited!

I'm here at work, kind of stinks because I wanted to go to turbo kick... but so far it had been pretty slow and there are these yummy breakfast ham pockets that are oh so good :) So in my spare time I am going to make a goals list of things I would love to acomplish this year. I never really made resolutions, I wanted to make goals instead but I never really got around to doing it either. So that is my number 1 task for now. Gotta get to it,
see ya!

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