Monday, January 14, 2008

Post 101

Not like it's a class, it my one hundreth and one post. :D

I had a wonderful week, I will first start off with the Holiday Weight loss challenge.
I dropped 5 pounds and I got the ever so generous $50 gift card, plus since I did super at going to the gym at least 25 times :) (Thanks to Rizzy, could have never done it with out her!) we got our names entered in a drawling to see who will win $100. We both made an agreement to split the money if one of us didn't get it, but lukily we both won and it was so awesome!!! SO now I have to think of what I'm gonna spend it on. I kind of a loser so I'm gonna put it into savings, lol. Yup, I thrive off cool-ness.

I started a class, Turbo kick, it's like kick boxing but fun-er. I must admit, I'm pretty good and I love love love it!It's on saturdays at 10, since I can't make it on weekdays, but I work the next 2 saturdays, so I will just have to miss out on that... But this wednesday Rizzy and I get a cool one on one thingy, it's so the teacher can get really good on the new routine. Basketball for Special Olympics is starting, Tuesdays and thursdays. We could still use a few partners to help the the Athletes so if you are interested.... Recruiting is hard.. So I'm throwing it out there. It's for a great cause and the athletes are so sweet and very grateful you are there to help them.

I'm going to Lunch... Riz is trying to rush me! I'll be back.. mmm, sonics!

I'm back, forevers later. Today has went by sooo fast, I think maybe because it is so busy. I work till 6:30 tonigt. Ruins my dinner plans, I wanted to actually cook today : ( I was going to run to Payless, I have a gift card there and I wanted to see if I can really find some good gym shoes, but I forgot my debit card in my jeans last night. So I will have to go tomorrow.

Gotta lock the doors! and I'm going to balance and run some checks since tomorrow is payday!!! Woot! and of course answer the ever so busy phone. till next time!

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