Saturday, January 19, 2008


I just wanted to add that I was able to share the BLaNkEy last night! I am so proud of myself!

Tonight we are going to baby sit the Twins and lil Jose. My bro and his wife are going to the Nuggets game, she is a huge basketball buff and so we got her nuggets tickets for christmas. Wonderful! aside from the few parties and showers for today, I have my day pretty planned out.

Also, there are a few January birthdays so....Happy Birthday!!!!!!
To: Juan: My brother in Law, he is OLD, jk, His was yesterday, and we still have to plan a party..I say it's all on Riz.
Issiah: turned 3 yesterday. So little and so crazy!
Erin: My old hs buddy, 21 years, Woot! Which is today, party tonight!

See you all and hope you have a super and safe weekend! xo

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