Monday, January 07, 2008

Final Countdown

Da da da daaaa, duh dum duh da da, da da da daaaa, duh dum duh da da!!!
Thank you singstar 80's edition. I'm gonna have to set it up soon so I can sing my heart out.

I have a case of the mondays. My weekend was alright, I feel like I could have done more. chilled with some amigos, ate lots of pizza. Ate alot in general. Watched movies. Familly guy, that is always funny. South park seems to be running out of funny ideas, Watch the Stanley's cup episode and it is just sad. Touchy subject and not funny at all.
I did manage to get this huge cold sore on my lip and just discovered one in my mouth. Looks icky. It's not that bad it just looks like I have a fat lip. hurts... and I feel like everyone is staring at it.. I think it may be from the fever and the cold I had for while.
So my Black berry is officially dead. I dunno what happened. It fell and I guess that is all it took. So instead of dishin out 180.00 for another one I took on a pink razor, a phone that I totally hate. I'm warming up to it, it's hard to get adjusted to. thanks again Josh!

Scprapped with Cassie, but I forgot my rolly glue thingy, and I was not about to go ghetto style and stick my pics using regular tape and rolling it up, so I waited to get home to stick them on, they came out nice, all I have left is the title and journaling on a few. I think I did about 5 pages. I'm not doing so well on my Layout a day thing.... I have only done those 5 this year and they are not complete. Oh well :) I love to see how different styles Cass and I have when it comes to lay outs and frames and our paper designs. I felt like it took me forever to get my paper designed and I plop my pics on and she didn't even do a design and had trouble with her pics. My mom commented me yesterday on how creative I was, sweet... but then she turned it into a dis and asked why I couldn't be creative with cleaning and fixing up the house. How do you get creative with cleaning? If you have any ideas, lemme know : D
I'm lame I know.

I have alot going on this week.... This is the final week for the Holiday fitness challenge. so I have been trying to get all my workouts in. I'm pretty pleased with myself so far, out off all of this and the holidays I have seem to have lost 1/2 a pound. It's not much but it's better than gaining holiday pounds. So Despite all the turkeys and Tamales and all the other circumstances, I am still in the green. Since it is crunch time now, I have to lose 5 pounds by friday. Well, I would sure like to... So I am tryng to be good. I will let you know the results on Friday! And make sure you wish my lucks!
I have this training tomorrow night, So aside from work, I have a dinner meeting at the country club (ooo la la) from 5:30 to 8:30. Yikes! that is like all day! Plus I wanted to go to the gym, it's double punch day :( My goal is to go to the gym every night this week.

Go me!

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