Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Me and my woes

Update on my lip:
Last night when working out with the band thingy, mindin' my own business doing my rowing thing, the rubber band snapped off my feet and smacked me right in the mouth. It hurt so bad, well to make this crappy story short, it busted my cold sore, started bleeding and made it twice as big as it was to begin with. sad night. So now it looks really gross and looks like I got punched in the face. Very professional.

We tried to open a bottle of tea today, since Carole and I seem like total weaklings, I asked Calvin to open it, turns out it must have been soodered on or something so when he went to twist it, it broke the bottle and squirted up his sleeve, and made a mess. Mind you I have to drink out of a cup all weird like cuz of my messed up lip.... Today is just not right!

I have had huge cravings!!! I want Chinese food SSSOOOO bad! it's sorta healthy.. Right??!?
Basketball starts tonight. Totally not ready for it, Glad I can't go :D jk....

I'm outties!

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